30th Annual Convention & Gathering


is the theme and 1 Corinthians 16:14 is  the theme verse for our convention November 3-4, 2017 at Calvary  Lutheran in Solana Beach. Are you getting excited??!! This month we are focusing on giving you many more details on what you can collect and bring for our Love Gifts. Every year the Love Gifts that are collected are simply amazing. Tables are piled high! Am sure this year will not be any different. Think those collections certainly are part of loving fully and living fully!! 

We are targeting two organizations. One is “Calvary Cares” which is our host church’s outreach program. They collect many different items during any given year. But for the time of our convention, they have suggested that food items would be most welcome. There is a flyer and a list of suggestions in this issue.

Healing Hearts Across Borders is the second organization. In this issue there is a flyer and list along with a couple of pictures of the children receiving gifts brought to them by Healing Hearts Across Borders. A spokesperson said he brings a lot of school supplies but there are never enough. Backpacks are a higher ticket item and they would really be grateful to receive these. Back to school sales are in full swing!

We are still working on the service projects that will happen especially Friday afternoon but will continue throughout Saturday as well. One idea is to either make fabric bags for individual children receiving school supplies or decorate a box for the supplies. But watch for new details – our planning team meets again this month.

Last month I mentioned that our hotel rate will be good for three days prior and three days after our weekend. So if there are those of you who will miss the three day event, consider staying at least Saturday night as well and worship Sunday morning with our hosts at Calvary Lutheran. The beach is nearby for an evening stroll!  

This issue also includeds our registration form. The earlier you can register and the earlier we can know numbers attending, the better we can finalize the myriad of details it takes to make this event special for all!

Our triennial convention and gathering was fabulous as usual! Keala Simoes and Laura Ortiz along with myself were voting members at the convention July 11-13. Becky Shurson was elected Vice President! She has recently moved to Oregon but we still claim her. Keala was also elected to the Executive Board from our region. Which means in November we will be looking for a new representative on our synodical board from Hawaii. Worship and music are always the highlights for me during the Gathering. Then Phoenix in 2020! We should have a large group attending from Pacifica – so start planning now!

Anew in Christ!  

President Eunice Hanson 

30th Annual Convention & Gathering Schedule and Scholarship

From the WELCA President

This is the place to be for current news on Pacifica Women of the ELCA and women in the global community.
Our focus for this year is Act Boldly and that is what we strive to do. You will find ideas for acting boldly and possible outcomes of acting on Jesus Christ's direction to help us to Act Boldly.


Patti Austin President, Churchwide Executive Board 2014–2017 Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Patti Austin was elected president of the churchwide executive board of Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America at the 9th Triennial Convention in July 2014.

Dear Sisters in Christ 

Greetings to all who are gathered in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! You are the heartbeat of our organization and and I thank God for each of you and your faithful service to God in Christ through Women of the ELCA. We are woven together in our faith, service and sisterhood.

As you gather in community at your synodical convention, you might remember that after my election in July, I asked you to consider what it means to raise up the foundations of Women of the ELCA, and how we might live into God's plan through our faith, our stories and our organization. Almost every day, God offers us an opportunity to make a difference, and I believe that our memorials that were passed at Triennial allow us to become actively involved in creating positive change in our communities. I believe we have been called to raise the foundations by lifting up women of faith who have led the way. We have been called to repair the breach by reconciling division and restoring broken relationships. We have been called to restore the streets to dwell in by working to break the violence in schools and to put an end to human trafficking of women and children through these memorials.

As you work together, fellowship together and pray together, remember as Christian women we have an opportunity to stand up for women and children everywhere.

My representative, who is attending your convention, is excited and looks forward to speaking with each of you. She would love to hear about your joys and your concerns, especially about all the wonderful things going on in your units, as you continue to live out God's call as Women of the ELCA. Please know if there is anything we can do to assist you in your ministry, the Executive board and our staff in Chicago would like to hear from you.

God Bless Each of You, 

Patti Austin

President, Women of the ELCA

2014-17 Triennium