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Pacifica WELCA March 2018 Event

Christ Within Us - 03/03/2018

Gloria Dei Lutheran, Dana Point

33501 Stonehill Drive, Dana Point CA 92629

  • Community Service: FAM – Families Assistance Ministries - helping homeless women and children in Orange County. 
  • Special Program: Performance of Women in the Bible with Daneen Pysz. To know more about Daneen’s performance visit: http://www.biblesbadgirls.com/

To register contact Beverly Covey

e-mail: beverlycovey@sbcglobal.net

phone: 858-278-6538

Special Program: Performance of Women in the Bible with Daneen Pysz

There are over 200 women mentioned in the Bible.
How many do you know? You are invited to sit back for an hour, enjoy an entertaining and educational show, and walk away saying, “I didn’t know there were that many women mentioned in the Bible!” Of course, all of them won’t be named in this one show, that’s for future performances!
The Bible’s ‘Bad’ Girls is a collection of original dramas and songs. The word ‘Bad’ can have a double meaning. For instance, in 1960s slang, if someone said, “Oh, that’s bad,” they could have meant “Oh, that’s good.”
Each story is a testimony of courage, faith, grace and love that God has given to these Biblical women. Daneen focuses on what we can learn from them and apply to our lives today.
Each piece was researched by Daneen, using the Bible as the primary reference along with various other sources, but most of all, she was guided by the Holy Spirit.
Originally from Michigan, she lives in Dana Point. Married for 47 years, she is blessed with three children, five grandchildren and two dogs. She serves the Lord in her church choir, bell choir, Altar Guild and various Bible studies. Daneen is a member of the Networking of Biblical Storytellers International, Village
Publishers, Christian Women Speakers, a published author and is currently working on her Masters in Theology.
Daneen has been an actress/entertainer her entire life. She has blended her research with her personal interpretation of these women’s lives with the goal of both informing and entertaining you.

March Event Registration Form

Please print, fill and email this form to:

Beverly Covey

e-mail: beverlycovey@sbcglobal.net

phone: 858-278-6538

To print and distribute both event flyer and registration please visit: March Event

Save the Date

31st Annual Convention & Gathering - November 2-3, 2018

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30th Annual Convention & Gathering


was the theme and the 2018 convention is now history! Our keynote speaker, Pastor Meghan, was extremely well received and definitely was the highlight of our convention! She and Pastor Karla were instrumental in how our convention also turned into a very bi-lingual experience.

A year ago a few of our Spanish speaking women from Clairemont attended our convention and expressed the desire to have at least a Bible study in Spanish. Our planning team asked Alica from St Mark’s in Chula Vista to lead that. Then when Pastor Karla and Pastor Meghan got together via phone and email and they saw that on the schedule, they turned it into a whole new vision. Evaluations proved nearly all attendees appreciated and learned from that experience.

We have made a change to a new web master and newsletter editor. Her name is Djana Venolia and she is a member of First Lutheran in Vista. And we need your help to get it all up and running smoothly. Anyone can log in to www.pacificawomen.org and on the home page, type in your email address and click on “sign up” to subscribe to Pacifica Partners. We are basically starting from scratch so if you registered for convention this year, your email will be input. The churches for whom we have email addresses will also be input. Then we need your help if you know of someone who needs to get a hard copy of the newsletter. Please email Djana or myself (our info is on the About Us page of the website). I am in the process now of emailing the church offices to ask whether they are willing to print a copy for women in their congregation who do not have email. If that doesn’t work in a few situations, we will take the next step and match those women with someone who does get it by email and is willing to print and mail a copy – even if they don’t belong to the same congregation. Which means we are hoping to develop a network where all are able to access our newsletter one way or another! Of course back copies are available on the web site.

Have you checked out Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA on Facebook? Viola Angebrandt is our author and she does an outstanding job! Currently we are also exploring ways to connect the web site and Facebook.

In the coming months after the new year, you will be seeing more information about our March event. Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend! The date is Saturday, March 3rd and we will meet at Gloria Dei Lutheran in Dana Point. Normally the time frame is from about 9 am to 3 pm.    

We welcome new members to our board! Jean Kartchner is our member from Hawaii. She replaces Keala Simoes who was elected to our churchwide executive board. Beverly Covey is from Clairemont Lutheran and Kandie Hulme is from Faith Lutheran in Sun City. But…we are short three board members. And we do not have any representation from Orange County. The board would love to appoint YOU! Please let us know if you are willing to serve for at least this next year.

Anew in Christ!

President Eunice Hanson  

From the WELCA President

This is the place to be for current news on Pacifica Women of the ELCA and women in the global community.
Our focus for this year is Act Boldly and that is what we strive to do. You will find ideas for acting boldly and possible outcomes of acting on Jesus Christ's direction to help us to Act Boldly.

Blessings to my faithful sisters in Christ,

What a wonderful community of women has gathered together in the name of Christ! My prayers are overflowing with thanksgiving for your faithful service and ministry. May this time together inspire you, fulfill you and encourage you to continue to live out our purpose statement.

This organization has done some amazing things over the years. As a community of women we have provided services such as anti-racism training, addressing issues involving domestic violence and commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

We also support families with special needs. And we do this not only in our churches and communities, but all over the world. What a testament of discipleship in Jesus Christ!

During your time together I would like you to consider these two questions: why am I a member of Women of the ELCA? What can I do to ensure the ministry of this amazing organization will continue on to the next generation? We have accomplished so much, but there is still much work that needs to be done.

My representative who is attending your convention is excited and looks forward to speaking with each of you. She would love to hear about what is happening in your congregational units and your synodical organization. Please feel free to share your joys and your concerns with her as well.

The churchwide board and staff are here for you and are willing to assist in anything you need. You are bold and faithful women of the ELCA and I thank God for each and every one of you!

Blessings to you!

Lisa Plorin

President, 2017-2020 triennium

Women of the ELCA