Message from the President - 2017/2018

September 2018

We have been telling you about our plans for the progamming for our convention. But also of importance is the purpose of our convention and that is to conduct the business. Because we as an organization are separately incorporated from the church and therefore we have a separate constitution, we have officers and board members to elect and we can act on resolutions.  

In this issue again, are forms with which to nominate someone or yourself to serve on our board. Terms are two years. You may serve two terms in any one position. You cannot serve more than seven years if you serve in more than one position. This past year we have not had a full board – we have been short three members. The existing five board members either have one more year on their present term or are eligible to serve one more two year term. So we are at least looking for three more willing to serve for the next two years. While there will be a nominating team, it will make their job so much easier if several of you will nominate someone you know or nominate yourself! Geographically, we may be a bit smaller (other than the distance to HI) than some synods, but we clearly don’t know everyone so having names given to us via the form that can be found for printing on and under downloads would be so very helpful!!

We elect two officers every other year. This year we will elect a president and a secretary. Our treasurer and vice president each have another year left on their first two year term. We do need to elect a new secretary. Viola’s term is up plus she has served the maximum time of seven years. Please let us know if you have the skills and are willing to serve. We have recently purchased a lap top for the secretary to use. 

As your president I am eligible to be re-elected but we use the nominating ballot for president (and also for vice president). That means that on the first ballot all voting members write down the name of someone they feel would serve well and they don’t have to have that person’s permission. After that first ballot, the nominees will be asked if they are willing to serve. Only those willing to serve will be on the next ballot. So be thinking and praying about that position – but you do not need to fill out a form ahead of time.

This year we will also elect voting members for the triennial convention which will be held in Phoenix in July of 2020. It seems early, but time passes swiftly! And because our convention is in November, if we wait til 2019, our elected voting members will not be available for convention committees the executive board will be selecting at their October 2019 meeting. A form must be submitted, but this form must come from a congregational unit and is on our web site. We are allowed only two voting members plus the president in office at the time of the triennial convention is automatically our third voting member. We must have one voting member who has not previously served and we must have one whose primary language is other than English or who is a woman of color. If one woman is both a first time voting member and is a woman of color or whose primary language is other than English, then we can include a woman who has previously served as a voting member. Our churchwide organization pays travel and hotel and meals for the convention. If a voting member stays for the gathering portion, she must pay the registration fee and hotel and meals but will have return travel paid.

I am pleased to report that Jeanne Sandvig will serve as our nomintations chair this year. So the forms indicated above and found in PDF form on our web site have been updated with her information. She will appreciate all nominee ideas and volunteers!

While our synod has not been known for adopting or acting on resolutions, that can always change! Joanne McGavran who serves as our parliamentarian, has again submitted information about why and how to submit a resolution. Find it under downloads on our web site

As mentioned in the last edition of this newsletter, we will conduct business Friday afternoon and evening. We are hoping this will provide a time business can be conducted in a continuous manner rather than being broken up into two-three times between other programming. It is a format that was adopted by our churchwide triennial several triennials ago and which seems to be working better than the format used previously. Besides an opening devotional after dinner on Friday, there will be a service project and we are also looking at a viewing of a documentary (more on that next month after our planning team has met again) produced by funds from Katie’s Fund. So those who are not voting members still have reasons to attend on Friday besides sitting in on the business sessions.

And speaking of the opening devotional, I don’t believe we have yet mentioned that Pastor Dianne Finnecy will be leading our opening time of prayer and music as well as our closing worship. She is the pastor at Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church in Big Bear. See her bio in this issue. We look forward to meeting her and hearing from her – in English and in Spanish!

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

July-August 2018

Plans are moving along for our November convention. The planning team met recently and finalized many of the plans. We plan to meet one more time in September besides emails in between. In my last article I said there would be a flyer which didn’t quite make it. The flyer plus registration form and scholarship form and nomination form and Love Gift list and more should all be in this issue. Again, you are reading this directly from our web site I am writing this before all is complete, but this year for the first time you will also be able to pay your registration with a credit card through our PayPal account and so submit your registration on line. We are excited to see how this works for everyone. Of course you can still print the form (see PDF version on our web site) and mail us the form and a check.

Bishop Taylor will be unable to be with us this year. He will be in Malaysia, our companion synod, to dedicate a new school there. But Pastor Terry Tuvey Allen will be with us in his place. If you have not had a chance to meet or hear her, this is an opportunity you will enjoy!  

Giving. Our convention always provides opportunities for giving. This year we are focusing on Lutheran Retreats Camps and Conferences (LRCC). Our Love Gifts this year will go to them- see the list elsewhere in this issue. And 25% of our offering will also go to them. The rest of our offering goes 50% to our churchwide organization and 25% to our Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA.  

Silent Auction. And don’t forget our Silent Auction! This is your shopping opportunity and all funds raised go to scholarships for our convention and for the Triennial Gathering. And remember the next Triennial is in Phoenix in July 2020. With it so close, we hope we have a record number from Pacifica in attendance. Look for another article about our Silent Auction from Roz Nelson who will coordinate that this year.

A service project has also been planned.  We will be making blankets and baby caps for “Blankets for Brianna”. Friday afternoon someone will come to tell us more about this project which is in Menifee. We hope to have a Thrivent grant to help with supplies. Then you will be able to work on blankets or caps Friday afternoon and into Saturday as well. Some of you may want to bring a blanket to work on or a cap to crochet to the business meetings and/or the program on Saturday morning. If you would like to know more about this now – go to or find them on Facebook.

Jackie Severa, our vice president and chair of our convention planning team, had back surgery May 16th. She is healing really well and the pain she had been experiencing is gone. She is thankful for all your prayers.

Keynote. As mentioned in our previous issues, our keynote speaker for convention will be Opal Singleton or her representative from “Million Kids”, an organization in Riverside that exists to combat human trafficking. This is a very current issue in our world and here at home in southern CA. I really encourage all of you to invite/sponsor young women from your congregation and/or family to come hear this most valuable information.  Remember our scholarship funds. 

Business. We are going to try something else very new! All business will be on Friday afternoon and evening. All voting members will need to be in attendance by 3:00 pm on Friday. We know that if you are working you will need to take a day or at least the afternoon off. But many of us do that anyway. If you are not a voting member but still are interested in listening, you will also need to arrive by 3:00. Registration will begin at 1:00. If you are not a voting member and do not wish to attend the busness sessions, the service project will begin at 1:30. There will be displays set up so you can take some time and browse through them plus get a start on the Silent Auction. We will have a meal at 5:30 with a Service of Music and Prayer at 6:30 followed by a second business session until maybe 9:00 or until we finish. So though we will have Saturday only registration available, you will enjoy the entire time Friday afternoon through Saturday about 4:00 pm.

Remember to also follow us on Facebook!  Look for Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA. Viola Angebrandt is the author and does an amazing job. 

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

May 2018

As I write this, the Pacifica Synod Assembly will be held this weekend May 18-19 at Hope Lutheran in Palm Desert. Our Pacifica Women of the ELCA will have a display table. Viola Angebrandt, our secretary, made a new display board. Believe Melissa Anderson, a board member, had something to do with it. And Rosemarie Peterson, another board member lent Viola the board her local unit has in Banning as a starting point for ideas. Viola shared this picture through Messenger on Facebook and I’m not as adept at Google drive but was able to save this to show. It got cut off a bit in the process but gives you a good idea of the work that went into this. We will also have this at our convention in November. Besides our display table, I submitteed a written report for the Assembly notebook and will have five minutes Saturday morning to speak.

Jackie Severa, our vice president and chair of our convention planning team, is having back surgery tomorrow – May 16th. We pray the surgery will be successful and give her relief from the pain she has been experiencing and of course a quick recovery.

Our keynote speaker for convention will be Opal Singleton or her representative from “Million Kids”, an organization in Riverside that exists to combat human trafficking. She spoke at Faith Lutheran some time ago and presented all the information in a very informative manner that should be heard by all, including young women/teenagers. (Units – think about a way to invite/sponsor/help young women in your congregation to attend convention in November.) We will also have Bible Study by Linda Post-Bushkofsky and we are planning some musical interludes. Our next planning meeting is in June so our July/August issue should have a lot more information as well as registration and scholarship forms. This issue has a save the date flyer that can be printed in a half page size and used to hand out to women in the units.

I hope many of you are following our FaceBook page: Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA. Viola Angebrandt is the author and does an amazing job. She spent time highlighting information on human trafficking. She also shares information about our events and women in our organzation. At least every week there is a new post! 

If you also follow or like our churchwide Women of the ELCA on FaceBook, you would have seen pictures from the executive board meeting in April. Keala Simoes from our synod is on the board and she was in one of the pictures. And then you can follow link to read about the business and decisions of your executive board.

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

April 2018

We often approach strides in technology with trepidation and anxiety. But sometimes it has surprising results. As I explained a couple of months ago, when you get the email that our next issue of the newsletter is available, you are reading it directly from the internet. Last month I included my email address within this article when asking for contact names and addresses for unit contacts. I got several more results – and I think because you could click on it right there and answer. Our editor also provides her email with encouragement to contact us. And we had an email from a woman requesting help in finding a church and woman’s unit so she could reconnect. So we are being more interactive which is great!! I hope that continues. 

April 1 was a deadline for getting contact names input into the special web site our churchwide office has in order to get information directly to units and to be able to count the number of units we have which then determines how many voting members we will have at triennial convention. However, I can continually add and or update/change that information. I didn’t just use the information of those who sent it to me, but I also used information from our registration for convention, especially last year’s. So that means I’m asking for forgivemess if I included someone who does not want to be on the mailing list for churchwide. You can pass the information along to someone in your congregation who would better use the information and/or you can email me at to let me know and I will remove your name. Of course I would really appreciate it if you would also provide the information of someone else in your unit who could be on the mailing list instead. We need the following information for one or two contact persons in your congregational unit: Name, Address, Phone #, email address, and Church name and city.

We would also love to hear from you if you have program ideas for our November convention or March Event. Our March Event is always the first weekend in March and in 2019 will be in the San Diego area. We need a host church and the purpose is to hear and learn more about a social services type of organization. Our next board meeting is June 2nd and the initial planning for this event will take place then. Send us ideas!

Our planning team for November has selected the theme: “With God, All Things Are Possible”. They have been exploring advocacy as a focus. The first speaker we asked said yes and then looked at her calendar and had to say no. The next one has not yet responded. Therefore, if any of you reading this have any ideas, we would love to hear them! Our next planning meeting is June 16th but we’d really like to have a yes response by then. In February I told you that Linda Post-Bushkofsky, our churchwide director, will be attending. We can let her enjoy or make her work! Our thought at this point (and she reads all the newsletters from every synodical organization) is to have her do the Bible study but would like to have more information for her before I ask her. The present plan is to open on Sat morning with Bible study followed by a musical interlude, then the keynote followed by Bishop Andy. A full but inspirational morning!!

A flyer and registration form will be coming in next few months. We plan to keep the cost the same as last year but any tweaks will be on the form. And yes, the one day option for Sat only will be available. Please put November 2-3, 2018 on your calendar and plan to attend!

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

March 2018

I am writing this before our convention planning team meets again, so don’t have any new news on that front other than what I wrote about last month. There is however, some information on our churchwide rep in this issue. She will be coming from Alaska so coming to the desert will be quite a change!

In February I attended Conference of Presidents in Chicago. It was cold but actually the temps in Southern CA in the morning were the same. It is always interesting and fun to get together with the presidents from all across the nation. Our region includes three synods in CA plus the Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon synods and we met twice during the weekend. So we get to know each other a bit better and find out how and what they are doing and what they have as challenges.

At COP we learned that our churchwide organization has partnered with In Faith Community Foundation to grow Katie’s Fund Endowment from the current 1.5 million to nearly five million. The idea is with a large enough principal, we will be able to use the interest to fund our organization so that it will be around for future generations. The goal is to raise three million by our triennial convention and gathering in 2020 in Phoenix. Breaking that down, it is $30,000 per synod over the three years. Breaking it down further, it could mean several estate type donations at larger amounts, and then a few larger donations, and then the many smaller donations that are always welcome. It can be a doable project – and when have women not risen to just such a challenge?! So be thinking about what this organization means to you and what you would like it to mean to your granddaughters and great granddaughters and then formulate your own plan for contributing to Katie’s Fund.

I want to remind all units to email me with the following information on one to two contact persons in your congregational unit:

Name, Address, Phone #, email address, and Church name and city.

I would really appreciate receiving this information as soon as possible. My email address is ****. And as I explained last month, don’t say you are not a unit just because you may no longer have a full fledged board. If you are meeting for Bible study or quilting or other women’s ministry, you can be a unit. Just need to get your contact information!

The above information is NEVER sold!! It will be used by churchwide to send out current information and news - like Bold Connections. It will be input on a secure (not public) site. And as I explained in last month’s newsletter, it is used to determine how many voting members we can have at the next triennial – and since it is in Phoenix it is close enough that so many more of all of you will want to attend.

March 3rd we met at Gloria Dei in Dana Point for our March Event. Daneen Pysz gave a great program/Bible study on Dorcas. And in the afternoon we heard about the ministry Family Assistance Ministries does in southern Orange County with the homeless. Between seventy and eighty women attended and the consensus seemed to be that it was indeed a very good day!! Next year it will be in the Inland Empire.

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

February 2018

As all of you know, technology changes – constantly! Hadn’t realized the technology changes with our November/December issue of Pacifica Partners until the January issue came out and women were asking how to print. So here is a bit of explanation that I hope will help. 

When you open the email with the newsletter, you are actually reading the newsletter on the internet. There are links to various parts of our web site. For instance in my article the links are bolded and if you hover your mouse over them, they will become underlined and the hand will appear that you can click and you will be at the indicated spot on our website. If you are on the email list for Pacifica Synod, you will be getting the Pacifica News and Notes and they do exactly the same thing.

So to print, the newsletters are in PDF format under Resources and Links on the web site. And right now the March Event flyer and registration form are there also. You will be able to print any of the pages as you normally would when it has been an attachment in the email. 

Our convention planning team has met for the first time and will meet again March 24th. We can share that we have chosen Faith Lutheran in Sun City as the site for our convention November 2-3, 2018. We have chosen a nearby hotel that should serve our needs but more on that later. Not sure if we will tweak it any more – but we chose “With God All Things Are Possible” as a theme. We know our churchwide rep will be Karen Voris from Alaska. And we know our churchwide director, Linda PostBushkofsky, is also planning to attend. We will continue to give out information as it develops.

Last year I put off the task of updating our unit information. We must provide contact information on any and all units in our Pacifica Synod. The information is used by churchwide to determine how many voting members we will have at the triennial convention. In Minneapolis we only had three voting members. This is down from five just a few years ago. If our information is not up to date, it is difficult to determine the number of votes we are eligible to have. Besides, the contacts will also directly receive information from churchwide.

So to begin with I am requesting that all units email me with the following information on one to two contact persons in your congregational unit:

Name, Address, Phone #, email address, and Church name and city.

I would really appreciate receiving this information as soon as possible. My email address is in the board directory on our website.

Next I know the question is whether or not you are a unit. Here are the four basic criteria: 

· Meet together for study, support and mission (Café and Gather offer great ways to do this)

· Participate in the ministry of Women of the ELCA beyond your congregation. (e.g. Our March Event, our Synodical Women’s Convention, Triennial Convention and Gathering) 

· Support financially the total program of Women of the ELCA (e.g. through offerings)

· Designate leadership to communicate with synodical and churchwide women’s organization – in other words, have at least one or two contact names.  

Note that the above do NOT include having a traditional board of officers. If you have women’s ministries happening on a regular basis and you have women who participate by attending our synodical and/or churchwide events and you send an offering to our synod and/or to churchwide and you can supply me with the info I listed above for contact women, you still qualify as a unit.

We do still have a few units who still function in a traditional way – but if you do not, please know you can still qualify as a unit and make meaningful contributions as a unit in our organization. 

On another related subject, we often remind and are reminded that our organization is incorporated separately from our church congregations. That is why we have a churchwide organization with staff. That is why each unit should have a separate bank account and a separate constitution. It can use your congregation’s federal EIN or you can call churchwide and get their number. I know that even having a treasurer can become difficult. I have seen it work that the women’s account becomes part of the congregation’s account – but only if it is accounted for separately and only used at the direction of the women’s unit. It should never be part of the congregational budget.

From the beginning of time I think, women have been leaders and instrumental in raising funds and establishing churches and promoting causes and on and on. Our organization promotes all of that. But still we are part and parcel of the mission of the whole church. If your unit raises funds in any way and designates some for a project in your congregation (the kitchen, roof, solar power, youth trip to their National Gathering, etc.) then you should joyfully share that news with your church council and the entire congregation. And those purposes should be designated and shared prior to the event that raises funds. Your unit is also still accountable to the congregation and should willingly share its treasurer’s report with the council and congregation. Definitely highlight and be proud of all you are doing! 

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

January 2018

Your Pacifica Synodical Board has met for the first time in 2018!  We met at Gloria Dei in Dana Point where we will hold our March Event. While the March Event was a big focus of our meeting, Jackie Severa will chair a smaller group including Melissa Anderson and Viola Angebrandt to finish all details that are involved in our March Event.  Daneen Pysz was present and gave us some information on the type of program she gives about women of the Bible. Her bio is found here: 2018 March Event. Really do think all of you will enjoy what she is planning. It will be a highlight for sure! The registration form is in this newsletter so please get yours sent. Bev Covey will be our new registration person for the March Event as well as convention.

A convention planning team has also been appointed and will begin work soon. The members are Melissa Anderson, Kandie Hulme, Rosemarie Peterson, and Jackie Severa from the board. They will be joined by Gerri Licke and Joanne McGavran and then myself as ex officio. We have had two absolutely fantastic keynote speakers the last two years so wondering if someone has an idea for a different type of format – can’t let things get stale you know! Please let any of these women know your ideas.

And of course, start planning now to attend – November 2-3, 2018. The site has not yet been selected but it will be in the Inland Empire. It will be at a church site with hotel and perhaps a shuttle service available.

We do know that our Churchwide director, Linda Post-Bushkofsky along with a churchwide rep (yet to be announced), will be attending our convention. Both can be “put to work” or not. At the very least, both will be visiting with as many attendees as they can so they can get a picture of who we are here in Pacifica.

I want to keep talking about the newsletter and our website. Because we have a new editor, it always takes some time to make a transition. You can visit the website,, and under News and Events, there is a yellow button on which to click and sign up to get the newsletter emailed. If you attended the convention last fall and gave us an email address, you should already be signed up. Did you get an email and receive the Nov-Dec issue? If not, let us know. And if you don’t have access to a computer and need to receive a hard copy, first check with your church office and see if they will print you a copy as they should have received an email copy. And it is on our website under Resources & Links. But if your church office is unable to print a copy for you, please let me know. We will be working on linking women who do receive via email and those who cannot. Everyone should be able to receive our newsleter if they wish – so help us reach that goal!

Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

November/December 2017

LOVE FULLY LIVE FULLY was the theme and the 2018 convention is now history! Our keynote speaker, Pastor Meghan, was extremely well received and definitely was the highlight of our convention! She and Pastor Karla were instrumental in how our convention also turned into a very bi-lingual experience.

A year ago a few of our Spanish speaking women from Clairemont attended our convention and expressed the desire to have at least a Bible study in Spanish. Our planning team asked Alica from St Mark’s in Chula Vista to lead that. Then when Pastor Karla and Pastor Meghan got together via phone and email and they saw that on the schedule, they turned it into a whole new vision. Evaluations proved nearly all attendees appreciated and learned from that experience.

We have made a change to a new web master and newsletter editor. Her name is Djana Venolia and she is a member of First Lutheran in Vista. And we need your help to get it all up and running smoothly. Anyone can log in to and on the home page, type in your email address and click on “sign up” to subscribe to Pacifica Partners. We are basically starting from scratch so if you registered for convention this year, your email will be input. The churches for whom we have email addresses will also be input. Then we need your help if you know of someone who needs to get a hard copy of the newsletter. Please email Djana or myself (our info is on the About Us page of the website). I am in the process now of emailing the church offices to ask whether they are willing to print a copy for women in their congregation who do not have email. If that doesn’t work in a few situations, we will take the next step and match those women with someone who does get it by email and is willing to print and mail a copy – even if they don’t belong to the same congregation. Which means we are hoping to develop a network where all are able to access our newsletter one way or another! Of course back copies are available on the web site.

Have you checked out Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA on Facebook? Viola Angebrandt is our author and she does an outstanding job! Currently we are also exploring ways to connect the web site and Facebook.

In the coming months after the new year, you will be seeing more information about our March event. Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend! The date is Saturday, March 3rd and we will meet at Gloria Dei Lutheran in Dana Point. Normally the time frame is from about 9 am to 3 pm.

We welcome new members to our board! Jean Kartchner is our member from Hawaii. She replaces Keala Simoes who was elected to our churchwide executive board. Beverly Covey is from Clairemont Lutheran and Kandie Hulme is from Faith Lutheran in Sun City. But…we are short three board members. And we do not have any representation from Orange County. The board would love to appoint YOU! Please let us know if you are willing to serve for at least this next year.

Anew in Christ!

President Eunice Hanson  

October 2017

LOVE FULLY LIVE FULLY is the theme and 1 Corinthians 16:14 is  the theme verse for our convention November 3-4, 2017 at Calvary Lutheran in Solana Beach. There are some new developments and plans about which to get excited!  In our synod we have at least five congregations that have a Spanish speaking service. Three of these are in San Diego county. Last year we had a few women come from the Clairemont unit. They asked about the possibility of having materials and/or a Bible study in Spanish. Laura Ortiz is a new board member and a planning team member from St Mark’s in Chula Vista where there is also a Spanish speaking congregation. So she asked Alicia Saenz if she would be willing to do a Bible study in Spanish.  Next Pastor Karla and Pastor Meghan got together and talked about their portion from Friday evening devotional through the closing worship. They have some great ideas. They also saw the Spanish Bible study and have spoken with Alicia and are going to make most of all their time bi-lingual. So we will hear Pastor Karla and Alicia do the Bible study together. Some of us are more accustomed to this now but this will be new to others. And I know you are going to come away spiritually blessed and refreshed by these three women and our time together with them and each other.  So we are hoping to get the word out to at least the San Diego Spanish congregations. Most likely these participants will come on Saturday only. Be sure to welcome them!!  Remember we will receive unit praise offerings on Friday evening during the business session. And then we will have individual offering during the closing worship on Saturday afternoon. The offerings will be split – 50% to churchwide, 25% to our Pacifica Women budget, 15% to ELCA Disaster Response, and 10% to ELCA Fund for Leaders.  We have four service projects to work on Friday afternoon and they will be available Saturday as well for those who do not wish to attend the business sessions. We will have Bag Deco for decorating gift bags for the school supplies that will go to Hearts Across Borders. We will also write and decorate Love Notes for those supplies. Tying blankets has become one we do often but they also will be welcome gifts for Hearts Across Borders. Thrivent is supporting the purchase of supplies for these projects. And a novel new project is making some Pinatas for Las Posadas that happen around Christmas time. As usual you may pick and choose or spend a little time at each!  Our churchwide board meets in October – so pray for them. It will be Becky Shurson’s first time as vice president. Keala Simoes will not be attending this one as her son is getting married. But there will be several other new members including our new president, Lisa Plorin. And of course all are traveling from all across the country to Chicago.  Anew in Christ!  President Eunice Hanson  

June 2017

LOVE FULLY LIVE FULLY is the theme and 1 Corinthians 16:14 is the theme verse for our convention November 3-4, 2017 at Calvary Lutheran in Solana Beach. Are you getting excited??!! This month we are focusing on giving you many more details on what you can collect and bring for our Love Gifts. Every year the Love Gifts that are collected are simply amazing. Tables are piled high! Am sure this year will not be any different. Think those collections certainly are part of loving fully and living fully!! We are targeting two organizations. One is “Calvary Cares” which is our host church’s outreach program. They collect many different items during any given year. But for the time of our convention, they have suggested that food items would be most welcome. There is a flyer and a list of suggestions in this issue. Healing Hearts Across Borders is the second organization. In this issue there is a flyer and list along with a couple of pictures of the children receiving gifts brought to them by Healing Hearts Across Borders. A spokesperson said he brings a lot of school supplies but there are never enough. Backpacks are a higher ticket item and they would really be grateful to receive these. I know school is almost out for the summer but back to school sales are just around the corner! We are still working on the service projects that will happen especially Friday afternoon but will continue throughout Saturday as well. One idea is to either make fabric bags for individual children receiving school supplies or decorate a box for the supplies. Last month I mentioned that our hotel rate will be good for three days prior and three days after our weekend. So if there are those of you who will miss the three day event, consider staying at least Saturday night as well and worship Sunday morning with our hosts at Calvary Lutheran. The beach is nearby for an evening stroll! In our next issue you will find our registration form. The earlier you can register and the earlier we can know numbers attending, the better we can finalize the myriad of details it takes to make this event special for all! The Pacifica Synod Assembly was just held in May in San Diego. As president, I was able to bring a greeting and of course an invitation to come join us in November. We also had a display table which Karen Ronchetti set up and manned. And we presented Bishop Andy our gift from our organization to the Pacifica Synod. It was the first Assembly under our new Bishop. The Thursday evening worship was a big highlight for me with incredible music! Then too, our triennial convention is getting close! Keala Simoes and Laura Ortiz along with myself will be voting members at the convention July 11-13. We believe there will be about 31 of us attending the gathering July 13-16. Here is a challenge to make that 50 attendees! It is not too late – contact Karen or go to You can even attend just for one day if you will be traveling in the vicinity and want to check it out. Scroll through the pictures on the website from three years ago – you can’t help but catch the excitement and fun and inspiration that happens. Then Phoenix in 2020! 

Anew in Christ! President Eunice Hanson

May 2017

LOVE FULLY LIVE FULLY is the theme and 1 Corinthians 16:14 is the theme verse for our convention November 3-4, 2017 at Calvary Lutheran in Solana Beach. Have you made plans to come?!! Our planning team met again April 22nd with lunch at Milton’s and then had a tour of the Calvary campus. It is really amazing all Calvary has to offer. We kept getting shown one thing after another that surprised and delighted! Because our convention is at a church, you can’t just go to your hotel room to rest. But at Calvary there are two or three quiet nooks with comfy chairs that will serve that same purpose. The sanctuary building is actually two levels as it is built into/onto a hill. There is amazing space on the lower level with elevator access from both inside the building and from the “lower” but front parking lot. (We will have maps later.) Two months ago I said that we were working on rooms at the Sheraton. Actually, the name is Grand Pacific Palisades Resort. Both the Sheraton and Grand Pacific Palisades are very near Legoland. Our contract is with Grand Pacific Palisades. Look for their information in this issue. And our rate will be good for three days prior and three days after for any who want to make this a longer time away. Still you can be creative and stay elsewhere if you wish We are committed to keeping the cost of registration the same as last year – other than we are not offering an “early bird” rate. That becomes confusing for our treasurer and those registering. Our delegates definitely must attend both Friday and Saturday as we will have business sessions both days. But we invite all to come for both days. Nevertheless, those that come only on Saturday, will not miss Bible Study or our Keynote speaker or our noon banquet or our closing worship. By our August issue we will publish a schedule of events. Remember in my last article I invited women to volunteer to pray especially during our business sessions? Joanne McGavran wants to hear from you if you are willing to volunteer – or you may hear from her! Another twist we decided on is to invite our women to be vendors. Again, note information elsewhere in this issue. If none come forward, that’s ok too. But we thought it would be unique to offer “our own”. There still will be displays by our organizations such as Thrivent and Lutheran Camps and Conferences, etc. A list of items for Love gifts will be published soon. “Calvary Cares” and “Healing Hearts Across Borders” will be the recipients. You will be hearing more! Besides email and texts, our team will meet again in person August 19th. Our board meets at Calvary July 1st. We definitely have many more details to plan, confirm, and then share – if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Joanne McGavran is the chair of our hard working team and can be reached by email at My information and that of all board members is at the end of this newsletter. Anew in Christ! 

President Eunice Hanson

Message from the President - 2017

April, 2017

 LOVE FULLY LIVE FULLY is the theme and 1 Corinthians 16:14 is the theme verse for our convention November 3-4, 2017 at Calvary Lutheran in Solana Beach. We want to keep this front and center so everyone has a chance to receive the information and feel invited and welcomed to come!!

Since my last article, Pastor Karla Halverson has agreed to lead Bible Study. She is an associate pastor at San Marcos Lutheran and has been there since 2007. You have met her before – she served as our chaplain for our convention that was held at First Lutheran in Vista.

Our churchwide representative will be our current president, Patti Austin. Her picture and bioBoth our keynote speaker and Bible study leader are pastors. So we are not going to have a designated chaplain. Both will do dual duty by planning our devotional service Friday evening and our closing worship Saturday afternoon.

Which then means we are planning a small twist. Normally, the chaplain prays – a lot!! To open business sessions, to pray before meals, and to pray before we mark any and all ballots. Of course we still want to pray a lot! But we’d like to have volunteers from all other women (pastors or not) who are attending, to pray. Let me or Joanne McGavran know if you are a willing volunteer. We’d like several volunteers – one for each time we pray would be great! If you are willing to pray more than once, let us know that too.

Our March Event went very well. I heard women say they learned a lot of information they had not heard before. Women from our board made the soups for lunch and I don’t think there was very much left over which means they were all delicious! The service projects in the afternoon were well attended and well done. So now we look to next year – anyone have a great idea??

It isn’t too late to register for Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis July 3-16. I know Karen has been actively promoting this for more than a year now. Last I heard, we may have about 31 from our Pacifica Synod in attendance. Would love that to be 50! While there we like to have at least one day that we make sure we wear something that identifies us as Pacifica. Usually that means something Hawaiian as having HI part of our synod makes us unique. This year we are going to give you the opportunity to buy a bracelet for $3. It will be easy to wear and if you want to also wear Hawaiian style clothing and/or a lei that you may already have, the bracelet will just add to the look! It would help Keala know how many to bring with her if you let us know you are interested. Once you get to the Gathering you will be able to get them from Keala or Laura or I and likely Karen as well. There are several colors available and you can see the plumera will be easily visible. They are stretchy so should fit most women.

Always want to hear from you – check my information on the back page of this newsletter.

Anew in Christ!

President Eunice Hanson 

March, 2017

Message from the President March, 2017
LOVE FULLY LIVE FULLY is the theme and 1 Corinthians 16:14 is the theme verse for our convention November 3-4, 2017 at Calvary Lutheran in Solana Beach. Your convention planning team is Joanne McGavran, chair; Melissa Anderson, Tamarin Hanson, Laura Ortiz, Rosemarie Peterson, and myself as ex officio. We have met altogether once so far and emailed a lot!! We have some very exciting news about our program. First of all Pastor Meghan Johnston Aelabouni will be our keynote speaker. She most recently wrote “Fully known and fully loved” in the February issue of the “Living Lutheran”. That article was the inspiration for our theme. She has also written several articles for “Gather” magazine. Currently she is working on her doctorate at Ft Collins CO. Her husband is also a pastor and they have three young children. We will publish a picture and bio as soon as we receive it. Our churchwide representative will be our current president, Patti Austin. Her picture and bio are in this newsletter. I just came from Conference of Presidents last weekend so had a chance to see and speak with her. She will of course bring a report from churchwide at our convention which will come after Triennial Convention and Gathering this July (are YOU registered??) Logistically, Calvary Lutheran is super easy to drive to – turn right on the Via de la Valle exit and go just a few blocks and it is on the right. We did find out that there is a major event, that we did not foresee, at the fairgrounds that same weekend. So the three hotels that are really within walking distance are completely booked as are many more in the area. But Laura Ortiz is a miracle worker and was able to book a block of rooms at the Sheraton in Carlsbad. Based on the fact that San Diego is always our highest cost and that prices are raised because of the fairgrounds event, the rate of $167 per night per room is excellent. We will have more information on the hotel as well as registration cost and an idea about a shuttle between the hotel and the church, later. That is not all “set in stone” yet. Based on the fact that I5 may have extra traffic that weekend, another enjoyable route will be to exit anywhere from Carlsbad Village Drive and south or maybe even a little ways farther north, and go west to 101 or Coast Highway as it is called. That will dead end at Via de la Valle and the church is just a block east of that corner. You will be near the ocean almost all the way. We will definitely be offering a one day rate. And in fact, while we plan to have service projects Friday after- noon and we will eat together and have a short worship time together and then our first business session where we will elect our vice president and perhaps our treasurer, we are planning on a very full and exciting day on Saturday. The exact schedule has not been worked out yet so there could be additions and changes which we will announce as we move towards November. Am still very open to hearing from you – check my information on the back page of this newsletter. Anew in Christ! President Eunice Hanson 

February, 2017

SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE. We have heard a lot in the news regarding the many issues our veterans face returning to civilian life after serving our country at home and abroad, in peace and in war. Our March Event will be focused on a lot of information and resources via a retired Army Chaplain and currently pastor at Our Savior’s in San Bernardino where our event is being held. (See the flyer!) That event is shaping up to be a really productive, interesting, fun filled day. You don’t want to miss it!! Please plan to come and bring friends. In the morning we will listen in a very interactive way as Retired Chaplain Scottie Lloyd shares from his experience and also from his continuing work with the ELCA for veterans support. He will wear his uniform and show us how to “read it”. He has video clips, he will have us doing wheelchair calisthenics! We will hear bugle calls throughout the entire day, all for specific purposes. No day is complete without music – and on this day we will play and sing patriotic music. The suggestion was made that we also share in what our military eats on a regular basis. Our board was not exactly excited! So instead we will have homemade soups. But there will be some MREs there to taste if you are at least curious! For a couple of hours in the afternoon you will be able to browse through a two-three table display set up by Chaplain Lloyd and he will be present to be bombarded with questions. Our board tested him and he always had something to share. He will also hand out packets with plenty of resources so that you can take ideas back to your unit and congregation of ways we can support our military families. A web site to note is The love gifts suggested are on a list in this newsletter. There will be a room in which they will be sorted and packed for the VA Hospital at Loma Linda. (Some may go to CCLM.) In another room you will be able to make prayer squares and tie knots on them with your prayers and/or tie quilt pieces for lap blankets. In yet another room you will be able to learn to crochet a simple hat for patients at the hospital. You may need to pick and choose. We are calling this a mini Triennial Exhibit Hall. We will close with about a half hour worship time with communion. And taps! COMMUNICATION: To repeat - I want to hear from you!! My email is I check email a lot!! I can text as well as long as it does not have to be too lengthy. My cell phone is 760-717-2646. Both my cell phone and home phone have voice mail. My home phone is 760-945-9716. I am also on Facebook so can receive a message there or use the Pacifica Synod Women FB page to send your message. I may not post much but I read it every day. I do work 9-5:30 five days a week so check messages on email and FB at lunch time but likely won’t be able to answer til the evening or in the morning prior to leaving for work or weekends. Anew in Christ! President Eunice Hanson 

January, 2017

Have not yet seen the evaluations from “A Family of Faith” but for me it was full of fantastic programming! As your new president, my thoughts are already turning to next year. When I shared prior to the final ballot, I said I need creative ideas from everyone. And I really mean everyone, not just our board members. Several years ago when I was involved with convention planning, we had a planning team that included members who were not currently serving on the board. Our board won’t meet until 2017 but I would like to begin to solicit your ideas while this year’s convention is fresh in all your minds. THEME: Submit ideas for a theme phrase and/or Bible verse around which we can plan. Obviously, we can only choose one at a time but it would be great to have a library of ideas from which to choose and to save for future events. PROGRAM IDEAS: Submit ideas for keynote speakers, music, Bible study leader, Chaplain, work- shops, etc. In the past we had programs around immigration issues, Muslim sisters, homosexuality to name a few – is there a subject matter you would like to see highlighted or explored? DETAILS: All conventions involve a myriad of details! Would you like to volunteer for just one task? For instance, Nancy Worley has made some durable and brightly colored signs that can be reused. They identify rooms being used for vendors, workshops, etc. But that means they need to be stored and brought and set up next year in a timely manner. Our storage cabinet at the Synod office is not wide enough to accommodate these signs. Who would be able to provide storage and/or perform this service? Food! It has always been amazing to me the comments on evaluations that food can invoke. Do you have ideas and/or willing to volunteer with any aspect of the food? Caterer? Food ideas? Set up? Logistics? Gift ideas. Are you crafty? Know someone who would really enjoy making small table favors, or gifts for first timers, or other décor? Altar “guild”. I distinctly remember the first convention I was really involved in the planning. We planned to have communion and had the bread and wine – but no one was designated to be responsible to set up and clean up! Would someone delight in performing this task? Maybe you can name a task that needs to be done and no one did it this year? Will you volunteer? Do you know someone who would enjoy doing that task? COMMUNICATION: I want to hear from you!! My email is I check email a lot!! I prefer email to texting as I come from an era where we learned to use a typewriter in high school. So I’d prefer to type on a full keyboard! But I can text as well as long as it does not have to be too lengthy. My cell phone is 760-717-2646. Both my cell phone and home phone have voice mail. My home phone is 760-945-9716. I am also on Facebook so can receive a message there. I may not post much but I do read it every day. I do work 9:00-5:30 five days a week so check messages on email and FB at lunch time but likely won’t be able to answer til the evening or in the morning prior to leaving for work. Anew in Christ! Eunice Hanson 

Message from the President - 2016

May, 2016

Letter of Invitation Dear Sisters in Christ, It is time to once again join together as “A Family of Faith” for our Synodical convention this November. This year hopes to be exciting with a new format, new ideas, some new faces and rekindled friendships. I hope that all Pacifica Women of the ELCA will join with me November 4 and 5th, 2016 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Los Alamitos (Orange County), California. In this place and at this time you will be creating the ministry of the Women of the ELCA. You are the future of our organization. We can share, have fellowship, be spiritually inspired and be ready "to mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ." This year, we will try to keep costs affordable for all women to attend by changing up the format of our convention. We will be meeting at a church and have reduced the time frame to Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. A Saturday Only option will also be offered. A block of rooms will be available for those that wish to use it, or you have another option (home or a hotel of your choice). Registration will be available through Pacifica Partners, on our webpage and on Facebook on Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA. Keep your eyes and ears open as new information is released about a group of Pacifica Women meeting as "A Family of Faith." I am looking forward to seeing each of you in November. God’s Blessings, Sue Connors President, Pacifica Women of the ELCA 

January, 2016

Greetings and a Happy New Year to the women of the Pacifica Synod! We have gone from "Being Made New" in 2014 to being "Refreshed, Revitalized and Restored" in 2015, what does 2016 have in store for us? As was brought up and widely accepted in November, there will most likely be a new approach to how we do convention. Our numbers were continuing to drop. The reasoning being that the cost of a 3 day convention has probably become cost prohibitive, as well as it possibly being time prohibitive. After much thought and prayer, I proposed that we go to a "Fun Friday" and "Serious Saturday" type format. Fun Friday could consist of a book review, or a workshop along with dinner and fellowship for those that would like to stay over. Your Churchwide Representative would be with us both days, so you would have the opportunity to meet with her on Friday evening. We would have a NEARBY hotel available for those that wish to stay over. We would use the church venue and bring in potentially a strong keynote speaker for Saturday, along with our Business Meetings. By doing so we can decrease the dollars spent both out of your pockets and your SWO Organizations. It would also be less demanding of time for those of you with very busy schedules. Saturday would be the only day REQUIRED of voting members. This will take some planning and I will be talking to other SWO Presidents about how they are able to do this when I am back in Chicago this February for the Conference of Presidents Meeting. Follow our planning in future Pacifica Partners. "The Power of M" is coming Saturday, March 5th. San Diego will be showing us how they do Ministry and Mission. We will be meeting at Christ Lutheran Church in Pacific Beach from 9:00 to 3:00. Times will be confirmed at our January Board Meeting. Pastor Darin Johnson of Agape House at San Diego State University will be one of our guests. The Love Gifts will be hygiene and specialty items for CCSA (Community Christian Service Agency). These items include toilet paper, laundry soap, shampoo (family and sample sizes), soaps (bath and motel sample sizes), tooth brushes, tooth paste, deoderant, shaving cream, razors, skin cream and sunscreen, baby foods, infant formula and diapers (sizes newborn to size 4). Please save the date and join us in Pacific Beach on March 5th. Don't forget that we need to plan ahead. July of 2015 will be with us before we know it. It's "All Anew," the Triennial gathering in Minneapolis Minnesota. Then in 2020, we will be in Phoenix, Arizona. As we begin a new year, let us focus on the new that God brings into our lives, and boldly go forth in His name. God's Blessings. Sue Connors President, Pacifica SWO 

Message from the President - 2015

July-August, 2015

A plea from your President As 2015 begins, please put Triennial Offering for 2017 into your unit’s budget for this year, as well as the following years. This will ease the burden of coming up with the total amount of offering just prior to the Triennial Gathering. You can send a check to Harriet Morris at 1951 47th Street, Space #3, San Diego, CA 92102. In the memo space please put TG17. I look forward to sharing more details of this gathering, after returning from the Conference of Presidents this coming February. You may also want to put some dollars away monthly for your trip back to Minneapolis. It will be an awesome time of fellowship, learning and worship. Thank you for the support of the many ministries of the Women of the ELCA. Sue Connors President, Pacifica Women of the ELCA 

May-June, 2015

Dear Sisters in Christ, It’s that time to once again join together for our Synodical convention this November. This year hopes to be even more exciting then last year with new ideas, new faces, and rekindled friendships. I hope that all Pacifica Women of the ELCA will join with me November 6 - 8, 2015 at the Ontario Airport Hotel in Ontario, CA. In this place and at this time you will be creating the ministry of the Women of the ELCA. You are the future of our organization. We can share, have fellowship, be spiritually inspired and be ready “to mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ!” As in years past, we try to keep costs affordable for all women to attend, yet we know that the cost could be “out of reach” for some. We are encouraging women to “bring a friend” to help with cost. The registration will be available in many places so watch for the Pacifica Partners, online at and on our new “Facebook” page, Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA. The convention planning team is working hard to improve our conventions from year to year by listening to all the comments on your evaluations. With the new board, we are excited about convention, Refreshing, Revitalizing and Restoring your soul. Looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful Pacifica women and please remember you are invited to bring a friend to share this experience. God’s peace and blessings, Sue Connors President, Pacifica Women of the ELCA 

March, 2015

As the Pacifica Women of the ELCA we are TO MOBILIZE WOMEN TO ACT BOLDLY ON THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. We are centered on “Justice,” “Discipleship” and “Stewardship.” Each of these areas has a resource person on staff in Chicago. They are there to help us and guide us as we move into a new year. It seems as if it was just 2014 as we ended it with the Twenty Seventh Annual Convention of the Pacifica Women of the ELCA. It was held at the Radisson Hotel in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego County) from November 7th through the 9th. We focused on “Being Made New.” Each of the 68 women attending were asked what this meant to them. As you can imagine, there was a multitude of answers. Bishop Finck joined us on Saturday afternoon, where he gave the Pacifica Synod Report. He was able to have dinner with us before heading to a church in the Inland Empire that was having an anniversary celebration the next morning. As we begin 2015, we are planning the Twenty Eighth Annual Convention that will be held in the Ontario area on November 6th through the 8th. We will be gathering with the theme of “God’s Spa – Refreshing, Revitalizing and Restoring Your Soul.” Stay updated on our web page, our newly reenergized Facebook page “Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA” and our newsletter “Pacifica Partners.” On March 7, 2015, approximately 70 women gathered at Redeemer Lutheran Church inside Leisure World in Seal Beach. “Thanking God for Your Servant Heart” was the focus of the day. We began with a continental breakfast provided by Redeemer Lutheran Church. The Rev Lynda Elmer led a Bible Study on the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25: 14-30). Karen Merkel, the Pacific Southwest Regional Director for the World Mission Prayer League, presented “Twelve Characteristics of a Servant” with wisdom and humor touching everyone’s heart. The afternoon had Kelly Wildman receive the love gifts, generously brought by our women, for Sheepfold, and explained their organization; a hands-on workshop led by Tina Gates from Hope, Palm Desert; letters signed focusing on the issue of Human Trafficking (thank you Becky Shurson, CWO Secretary, from Pacifica Synod) and Closing Worship was led by Rev. Lynda Elmer. It will be another year filled with God’s Blessings. Sue Connors President, Pacifica SWO 

January, 2015

Greetings! Where does time go? Are you ready to come to the Spring/March Event? Thanking God for the Servant's Heart Matthew 25:23 “Well done, good and faithful servant” We all know that there is someone or someone’s that these words bring to mind. They will be found within our church, our family and/or our community. Persons have different areas of giving and serving. They may help by keeping shelves stocked at their local food banks, both sponsored by Lutheran Social Services or other local charities. Women get together to quilt the much needed quilts for Lutheran World Relief. They may quilt for a local unit of Prayers and Squares, an interfaith outreach organization that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand tied quilt. The organization now consists of many individual chapters around the world. One may volunteer to visit with Hospice patients or at their local library. Many a Sunday morning we are blessed to hear our choir’s voices, a lay reader, or be served communion by a fellow lay member. What about your Church Council? This is a ministry in itself. I could go on and on, as we each have our own niche. Remember that it needn’t be only through one’s church that makes you a “good and faithful servant”. Come with us to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Seal Beach on Saturday, March 7, 2015 to celebrate and hear a Bible Study led by Pr. Lynda Elmer, a retired pastor living in Leisure World and an inspirational speaker, Karen Merkel, an active missionary from the Orange County area. We will be gathering at 9:00 am for registration and a Continental style breakfast with the program beginning at 9:30 am. We will conclude the day by 2:30 pm, so all can return home at a reasonable hour. We are aiming to have a day filled with inspiration, fellowship and worship. Please remember your Love Gifts for Sheepfold. See separate flyer. God’s Blessings and see you on March 7th, Sue Connors President, Pacifica SWO 

Message from the President - 2014

July, 2014

Greetings to all! Acts 4:31 (NSRV) reads “When they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken; and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God with boldness.” Wow, that sounds like the Women of the ELCA. They pray, they gather together, they are filled with the Holy Spirit and speak the word of God with BOLDNESS. The bold Women of the ELCA will be going to Charlotte, NC beginning on the 21st of July. They will be living this verse. Maybe in different ways, but the outcome will be the same. I look forward to meeting with our sisters in Christ, as we conduct the business of our organization, join together in fellowship and in the opening of our hearts to what the Lord has in store for us. We go into these meetings not knowing the answers, but we do know that the Lord will guide us as we pray on the decisions we make. He will be there to lead us through the Holy Spirit, and as we speak His word with boldness. The Gathering will be spent hearing numerous speakers and Bible study leaders. There will be hands on events, workshops and displays set up by organizations that fulfill many ministries of our church. We will have the opportunity to meet and hear our newly elected Bishop Eaton. I had the chance in February to hear her. What a breath of fresh air! Those of us attending will return home with much to share. Again, Acts 4:31 will be fulfilled. Please pray for safe travel and God’s discernment for those attending both the Triennial Convention and Gathering, better known as TG14. God’s Peace, Sue Connors Pacifica SWO President 

January, 2014

As we enter the year 2014, we face some challenges, yet know that it will be a wondrous year. Our first challenge will be appointing a new vice- president and then a new board member. We will be excited about serving the Pacifica Women of the ELCA. I feel truly blessed to be in a position to lead you, and will with God’s help do my best. My focus will be working together as a team, using each of our individual talents to better serve our Lord. I ask for each of you to pray for me and my board as we begin this new year. The March Event (previously known as MAAD) is rapidly approaching. What a fun and informational day it will be. “Welcoming the Stranger” is the theme. Matthew 25:35, is our theme verse, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”. This sums up what our values as a Christian should be. On the first day of 2014, while watching the Rose Parade, I saw a float presented by the Lutheran Laymen’s League win the Princess Trophy (awarded to floats under 35 feet). Its theme was “We Welcome All”. This was another awesome thought, so similar to our theme. We will be gathering at Eden Lutheran Church in Riverside, beginning with registration at 8:30. Our program will be presented by our own Dona Jenkins, a past Churchwide Women’s Organization Board Member as well as a past Pacifica SWO Board Member. She will be utilizing a resource offered by the Women of the ELCA called “Welcoming the Stranger....a hospitality workshop”. Our love gifts will be going to Olive Crest – Inland Empire. Their mission is dedicated to Preventing child abuse, to Treating and Educating at-risk children and to Preserving the family.....One Life at a Time. We hope you will be able to join us for fellow- ship and for a day of expanding our abilities to welcoming the strangers in our midst. May God’s Peace be with each of you, each day and night, Sue Connors 

Message from the President - 2013

November, 2013

Dearest Women of the ELCA Pacifica Synod, You are the most wonderful women of God. The convention for 2013 is over and we move forward from here. There is much to be learned. On a personal level the more I learn the more I don’t know. I want to share with you the evaluations that we received. There were 41 evaluations submitted   (4 = great, 3 = good, 2 = fair, 1 = needs work)  

  • Did you feel welcomed? 4=28, 3=8, 2=4, 1=0
  • Did you have enough information? 4=15, 3=12, 2=9, 1=6
  • Agenda for event. 4=14, 3=14, 2=9, 1=4
  • Food Breakfast 4=25, 3=12, 2=2, 1=0
  • Lunch 4=22, 3=6, 2=5, 1=0
  • Snacks 4=17, 3=5, 2=5, 1=0
  • Supper 4=13, 3=2, 2=0 1=2
  • Hands on activities 4=13, 3=16, 2=5, 1=1
  • Worship 4=21, 3=8, 2=3, 1=0

There were many comments after that. They were put into three categories being cons, pros, and suggestions.  

  • Cons: need chaplain, didn’t like layout, handouts for everyone, more activities, too long a convention, more coffee, hotel was bad, delegate more, not enough eating space, more information in booklets.
  • Pros: peace around in different forms, different aspects of peace, peace flows through us, like Heidi and Kris, liked breakout groups, liked both workshops, be a delegate, Bible studies good, fellowship good, Saturday music great, now know more about WELCA, stretched idea of peace, worthwhile experience, learned a lot, peace – personal, family and world, lots of talented women, learned about triennial and survivors organization, women working together to get things done.
  • Suggestions: 2 day convention, one person in charge of technology, do all business at one time, maybe non-delegates could be assigned to a committee, general seating (our constitution does not provide for this), put everything in God’s hands.

Finally, two evaluations were personal assaults on the president which were taken seriously. I am not going to excuse any of the things that happened because I believe that interruptions in life are where ministry begins. So with the number of cancellations there were on key people who were key players there was a lot to be learned. I thank all of the delegates who were so very patient and kept to their tasks of electing people and considering resolution. All of the above is for your information. There were three women who took the president seriously and volunteered to help on the next convention. You will be contacted. The offering was terrific. In all, $2446.50 was offered. 50% of that goes to churchwide, 25% to this SWO, 12.5% to Orange County Family Promise, and 12.5% to Coachella Farm workers. Praise God for such faithfulness. There were also in-kind gifts which we will report on later. There is a big “thank you” that goes out to all the churches for the baskets for the Convention Scholarships. For the people who enjoyed the balloon pop for the seminary scholarships. We did do a lot of good. The good we do does make a difference. So there were bad things that happened and there were good things that happened. The election of officers will be reflected on the new roster in this newsletter. We say thank you to Becky Shurson and Inga Sanders for their contributions to the board. We will miss them both. We also say the same to Harriet Bower who so willing served the SWO over the years. We pray that God’s presence will be felt as they make their journey with John (Harriet’s husband’s) recovery. It is our prayer that she will return and return and return. I thank our Parliamentarian, Joanne McGavran for her patience and diligence for coaching and helping us so that business could be accomplished. I thank Kris Brugamyer from CWO who gave us so much of what she had to offer. Thank you to the Assistant to the Bishop, Heidi Hester for being present and bring to us God’s message. I thank Sue Connors for her helping to maintain peace on the planning committee. I thank Karen Ronchetti, who had so much to think about with her father and life changes with her family for continuing to work with the planning committee. I thank Andrea Campbell who came into nominations and carried on and her committee of Violet Quist and Marianne Sakowski. I thank Arlene Dressler and Jean Brown for their service on claims committee. I thank Roz Nelson and Kathryn Andrea for their work on the minutes committee. Charlotte Driskill and Betty Flom who served on Reference and Counsel. Eunice Hanson and her teams were invaluable on the elections committee. Elections went so smoothly and it was because Eunice knew what she was doing. Thank you. Charlyn and Karen Lloyd kept up so well with the delegates and reported regularly with precision. Thank you. I thank all the non-delegates who came to be a part of the convention. Nothing turned out like it should have for you. For that I, personally, say I’m sorry. I hope you won’t give up on us. The music of Woven Image on Saturday night was outstanding. It was the oasis in the desert. Thank you. So now we continue in God’s presence and pursue the peace which passes all understanding. Paula Rennegarbe, President of Pacifica Synod SWO

October, 2013

Dearest Women of the SWO of the Pacifica Synod, I hope all is well with you. October and November will be months of engaging in the Word and Service of the LORD through this organization. When I was commissioned as an AiM in 1974, it was in Word and Service. So I find the Women of the ELCA an appropriate place to be. It is because of who we are that learn what GOD has to say to us through Bible Studies. GOD has all the answers even though we don’t. And GOD knows what we need to ask even though we don’t. So I invite you to join in the activities that this season brings. There will be a Thankoffering weekend at Clairemont Lutheran Church, San Diego. Yes, you read that correctly.....a weekend. It begins on Saturday at 11:00 am with the theme: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. How appropriate is that? We have just celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Women of the ELCA. That is where we came from. What are we doing today to ensure a tomorrow? Do we need a tomorrow? There will be a taco buffet lunch and then a video about the mission of the quilts. The quilts will be taken to the church by the young people for a blessing on Sunday. On Sunday, there is the 8:30 and 10:00 and 11:30 services with Sunday school at 9:30. The message is being brought to you by GOD through the speakers. Come if you can. The next Saturday, Harvest, Sonshine West San Diego will be having a cluster event at San Marcos Lutheran Church. It is on Psalm 119:173. And it is okay if you do not have it memorized because it is in the Bible and you can look it up. It will be from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. The theme is Our Hands- Reaching Out. So come if you can. Then comes our convention on Nov. 1, 2, and 3. Believe it or not I have been working on this for a year. It is my first year so what can I say? Our parliamentarian, Joanne McGavran, has been such a wonderful tutor for me over these months. Her patience with me has been stellar. Talking about patience, Sue Connors and Karen Ronchetti have been there all the way. I know I have driven them crazy. So if they seem a little out of it these days, that’s because of me! Registration continues. Last date to register is ASAP. I know the fee seems a little high, but you are getting a LOT for your money. And there will be a lot of activities going on for the non-delegates. So just because someone became the delegate this time doesn’t mean you have to stay home. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. There are other things going on all around our Synod, but this is all I have space for at this time. But please, participate, you are the Women of the ELCA Pacifica Synod Organization. In peace, Paula O. Rennegarbe 

September, 2013

I greet all of the Women of Pacifica Synod. I pray all have enjoyed the “summer”, which is still going on until near the end of the month. Thus we are in September. This is when the children in our lives and/or neighborhoods return to school. One of the things I was honored to do as Associate in Ministry was to teach and direct in a mission school and daycare in Odessa, TX. Of the 35 years of teaching I spent 20 of them at this school. In today’s world the children need our prayers. They need to know that we are with them in whatever they are going through. We send them off to school with our prayers. After Odessa, we moved to Haskell, TX. There I worked with the high school Sunday school students, 3rd thru 12th grades Bible Camp, and Children’s Church. Each allowed for different kinds of encounters with children. We need to “adopt” children and without them knowing it, pray for them. We need to pray for good days of listening, hearing, and getting along with others. They need to feel great about that. I am hoping with this Pacifica Partners that you will see the children in your lives as someone who needs your prayers. There are a couple of very exciting events coming up in September. On the 14th the cluster of Rejoice, Saddleback, and Son & Surf will have a special event. The event will be at Bethlehem LC in Los Alamitos. It will be from 8:30-11:00. Come if you can. You do not need to be in these clusters in order to come. The program will be the director from Precious Life Shelter. This is a wonderful program. Don’t forget the Bible Study on the 21st at Our Savior’s LC in San Clemente. This is always a very special day. They will begin at 9:00 and go to 2:30. You don’t want to miss it. Our new Bible Study is about twelve women from the Bible. And they aren’t all the ones that you would expect having been chosen. There is one that I definitely want to learn more about. Remember to sign up for our convention in November. And don’t forget you can sign up for the Ninth Triennial Gathering starting September 16th at   In peace, Paula Rennegarbe 

August, 2013

Greetings to all the wonderful ELCA women of the Pacifica Synod. The month of July was a type of a sabbatical for me. I studied the Word of God centered around some of the upcoming cluster meetings. I attended Bible studies, visited other churches, and led several Bible studies. In all of these activities I need to remember and be reminded that I am not in control, but God is. And that is a good thing!! Multi-tasking is not as easy for me as it was 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. So I ask God to help me and to be in control. July was also a wonderful time to take advantage of the activities, we have around us. So we did things like go to Lake Arrowhead, Catalina Island, Concerts in the Park, and walking down to the beach. I hope all of you were also enjoying the month of July. It is a time for young families to make memories with their children whether it is swimming lessons, trips, the OC Fair, sitting around a table playing games, or going to grandparents. Summer is a special time. For many years at our mission school I taught all year round, but we made sure that the summertime was scheduled differently, the activities were (or seemed) to be different, and lots of fun. The children were called upon to use the skills they learned the nine months before during the summer. So now we are in August. Slowly but surely we will be back to the “regular” things. For us, that means Cluster meetings with good things to do with God’s holy people; singing, praising and learning. I must congratulate the Son and Surf, Rejoice, and Saddleback clusters for boldy scheduling the cluster meeting in September. September 14 is the date they scheduled so that each cluster will be meeting on different days and it is possible for women of one cluster to attend another cluster’s fall event. We ordered a bunch of T-shirts that are for God’s Work – Our Hands Sunday, which is September 8th. Your church council might have an activity planned for that Sunday. You may purchase your T-shirt from us for $6.00 plus shipping. (We got by accident, a second order and decided to sell them.) You may buy them now or at the convention in November. The SWO board will be wearing them on Friday night as you arrive. That way you will be able to tell who can help you with questions. Call Paula at 657-464-9234 and leave a message and I will get back to you. We are fast approaching the time we may sign up for Triennial Gathering. There were somewhere 22 women who had pre-registered for the Triennial after the last Triennial. And we hope to have many more who can go. Look for information in this and/or other Pacifica Partners on the Triennial. Don’t forget the Introduction to the Bible Study for the Gather Magazine at Our Savior’s, San Clemente, September 21. They would like you to register ahead of time. It is always a wonderful way to learn about the study. Kelly Forhner is the person to get in touch with. We will be seeing all of you soon. God’s love, be with you at all times. Paula Rennegarbe, AIM, President of SWO Pacifica Synod of the Women of the ELCA 

July, 2013

Happy summer to all of you! I pray that all the different activities will be fun for you. One thing is trying to stay cool. It has become very humid by the ocean. There will be a few things happening this summer or early fall that you might want to know about. One thing you might want to do or at least think about. I downloaded the aps from the iStore for the Gather Magazine on my iPad. It is really fun to read on the iPad, probably because the light is always on. There is one copy of the magazine that can be downloaded free as an example and then if you are a subscriber you can have it downloaded each month. Check it out! July 13, 9:00-11:00 am, there will be a meeting for the Unit leaders of Saddleback, Rejoice, and Son and Surf at Newport Harbor Lutheran Church for the purpose of planning the fall event. So if you are one of these people, please plan on attending. “God’s Work-Our Hands” is a theme for church wide. There is going to be a special Sunday, September 8th, designated to activities that people think to do on that day all across our country, on the same day. It does not have to be anything in particular....just a way to help others. Think about it. What could your unit do? It could be something like cleaning out the storage of the Women of the ELCA , washing toys for the preschool in your congregation or neighborhood, or visiting with a shut in. The next time your unit gets together, talk about it. You can order t-shirts of a bright yellow that has printed on it ‘God’s Work – Our Hands”. You can order these from They are $6.50 for each one. It might be fun. I hope many of you are planning on attending the Convention in November. (Nov. 1-3). You can send in your registration any time now. We need to have at least 25 rooms reserved in order to get the best deal possible from the hotel. It will be wonderful. Honest! I like to think of convention as a time to “reboot” so to speak. It is a time to do the business of the women, yes, but it is also the time to come with an open mind and plan to fill it up with music, prayer, bible study, workshops, hands on activities that will be share with others, learning, and many more things. I just order a book tonight....”Courage to Think Differently”. Just think how often Jesus ask people to think differently? Thinking differently is not always popular. Does God paint outside the lines? He sure does. I will tell you more about this after I have read the book. Another outing you might want to plan is going to the Triennial Convention and/or Gathering. There are so many opportunities and so little time and money. Let your SWO help you with some of this. You’ll have to come to the convention to find our more. I hope and pray that you will use this summer to create memories in your family. Do not forget to tell your family how much Jesus Loves them. We all need to hear that from time to time. Paula Rennegarbe, President of the Synodical Women’s Organization of the Pacifica Synod. 

June, 2013

Dear Women, I thank God for all of you. You are the keepers of the treasure we have called Women of the ELCA. This month, I want you to know that your Board has all been assigned tasks for the convention. We hope you are looking forward to the convention as much as we are. Remember it is November 1,2,3 at the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa/Newport. The registration form is in this issue of the Pacifica Partners. Don’t wait. I see the Synodical Women’s Convention as a mixture of business of the women, (which every organization has), a self- spiritual awareness, and communion and celebration of the women of our church. It is a time to connect with God, each other, and ourselves. You will go home with lots to think about and talk about. Some of the things that happen may be “old school” for you, some may be new thoughts, new ideas, and some things you will feel glad we tried it, but you don’t plan to use it at all. All these feelings are perfectly okay. We have met the expectations we have when you have feelings rather than being indifferent. We look forward to celebrating with all of you. Whenever we get together it is a celebration. PEACE is our theme and is such an important word. We are referring to the Peace we get from knowing our LORD. When you are out and around town, you can start buying “back-to-school supplies” and “cleaning supplies” for our “Love Gifts” offerings. Specific lists will be out in future Pacifica Partners. This summer rejoice with the summer Bible Study. Hunger is an interesting topic. The topics are: Hungry Hearts, Do We Have Enough, and All Ate and Were Filled. These are in the Gather Magazine. If you have not been to the Bible Study in the OC at Our Savior’s, San Clemente, you need to plan now to attend. The author of our new study, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay Ward, a prominent member of the Morovian Church, will be there to tell us about the study. Yes, many will have already done the first study by September 21st, but it is always so interesting to have the author share her intent with all of us. For some studies it is obvious, but not always. The author can share with us a firsthand way of looking at the study. So RSVP by September 1st and send in $30.00 for a day of insight, celebration, and feeling like a very special child of God. In peace, Paula Rennegarbe, President Pacifica SWO of the Women of the ELCA 

May, 2013

This month we celebrate Pentecost on May 19th. The Holy Spirit gives our faith life. The Holy Spirit takes our worship and turns it into magnificent praise. The Holy Spirit keeps stirring our faith and makes our faith grow. The Holy Spirit will give us strength to say and do what needs to be dome in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Welcome the Holy Spirit into your life. You are the center of what we do. Whenever we get together, we always think of you. We choose the things we do because of their value they may have for you. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes not. We appreciate any input you want to give us. I usually do not turn in an evaluation form. It always has to be turned in at the end of an event and that is when I want to visit with people or touch base with someone. So I feel there are others who probably feel the same way, so please feel free to send it to me within one week of an event. Or if anyone has a better idea, please let me know. One thing I’m trying is to use the same evaluation form for all our SWO events. I believe that this will give us a better comparison of opinions so we do not repeat the same mistakes over. Please remember to mark September 21, 2013 on your calendars for the Bible Study in the OC at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, San Clemente. $30.00 is the cost for the day and it is well worth it. SWO Board is meeting June 22 to continue our plans for the Convention, Nov.1-3. We will be reviewing the year so far and planning the future of our annual conventions. If you would like to address any thoughts you might have, you can email me or give me a call. My contact information is on another page in this newsletter. Our SWO Spring Event was held at King of Kings LC, Oceanside. We had a wonderful out pouring of Love Gifts. There were lots of shoes and socks. King of Glory LC, Fountain Valley also collected shoes and socks to send. When all was said and done, 23 boxes were sent to Hawaii. Thrivent contributed what was needed to send them. Praise the Lord! God’s Work, Our Hands. At the SWO Convention, Costa Mesa-Newport Beach Ayres , we will be electing vice-president, treasurer, and four board positions. Some of these positions are up for re-election. If you would be interested in working with the SWO let us know. We will also be electing delegates to the Triennial Convention , July 22-24, Charlotte, NC. Juli Patten is our nominating chair. You can let me know and I will send that on to Juli for now. I’ve been talking a lot about “movements” and “funds” lately as I visit your group gatherings. A “movement” is a series of organized activities working toward an objective. A “fund” is a sum of money or other resource whose principal or interest is set apart for a specific objective. We have the “1000 Days Movement” and “Katie’s Fund” for example. I just returned from Pacifica Synod Assembly. It was wonderful. But I must say that I am tired. Not so much physically, but mentally there were many things to process. The theme was “Keeping Green”. One thing I know for sure is that this one planet we call earth is what we have and we need to take good care of it. I went to the Fashion Show at Our Savior’s, Banning. It was so nice. The lunch was chicken salad with zucchini muffins. The men served the women. How nice is that? The “fashions” came from the H.E.L.P. thrift store. The models could buy the fashions they modeled and there were other items that were for sale for the rest of us. I bought two blouses and one of them had the tags on yet. What a great day it was!!!! God bless all of our Women and all you do for others. Paula Rennegarbe, President of Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA 

April, 2013

Happy Easter! He is Risen, ALLELUIA! He is Risen, INDEED! Blessings to all Easter people! It is wonderful to know that we know what comes next in our lives. No matter what happens to us we do know that ultimately resurrection will follow death. Death had no hold on Jesus. We have much to be thankful for. There are some things that I want to share with you this month from church-wide. One is Rachel’s Day, which is a day that we remember the children who are tortured and/or killed by guns or other forms of violence. Violence against children happens every day. They are so vulnerable. The women of the ELCA resolved “that ELCA women encourage their congregations to recognize the first Sunday in May each year as Rachel’s Day. What will take place in your church on that Sunday? I hope it is a prayer for all the children of the world. There is an organization, “Cherish the Children” from churchwide that gives many ideas for all the children of the world and those right in our own congregations. Know who valuable they are to us. I encourage all to look that up on the internet and perhaps become involved. Katie’s Fund is sponsored by the Women of the ELCA. It is a fund to support leadership development, global connections, and living theology. Presently the Fund is at $830,000. It is planned to have this Fund grow to one million dollars by July 24, 2014 when the women begin their Triennial Gathering in Charlotte, NC. Everyone is asked to donate to this wonderful project. Every little bit helps. Help to promote Katie’s Fund. There will be an article in the May, 2013 Gather Magazine about two women who were inspired by Katie’s Fund. Be sure to read it. There is a free download “A Bold Life of Faith” at the Women of the ELCA website. Go to for this resource. While there, also check “Katie’s Fund: A Skit”. Be creative and have fun. Look for information about spring happenings in Pacifica Partners. These are gatherings planned for April 20th and two events on April 27th. I hope to see many of you at the Synod Assembly May 2-4 in San Diego. We will have a table and I hope it will look like it is the place to be. But we need you to help by hanging out there for a little while. It will encourage others to stop by. I will be a voting member this year so I will not be there when voting is going on but I will try to be there when I can. See you there! Please go to page 11 of the March issue of the Pacifica Partners. Our editor, Karen Ronchetti, has put together a wonderful list of websites. Take some time to look them up and see how your unit might use them. Our Bible study author for 2013-2014, Kay Ward, will be at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in San Clemente on September 21st. Plan NOW to attend. It has always been a wonderful day, and we thank the Women of the ELCA at Our Savior’s and Kelly Forhner for hosting this event year after year. The Bible Study is titled “In Good Company: Stories of biblical Women.” As bold women of the church, take your faith and let it show. It should be one of those things that people see and say they want some of the same thing and ask you about it. That’s your opportunity to share the story of salvation. One person at our Spring Event made the observation that ministry happens when we are interrupted. Allow yourself to be interrupted. In peace, Paula Rennegarbe, President of SWO-Pacifica Synod 

March, 2013

Dear SWO Pacifica Women, I pray that you will continue to be the church in all you do. The theme “God’s Work-Our Hands” is a daily reminder that all we do should be doing God’s work. I found reading “Unseen Footprints” an interesting read. It is by Sheridan Voysey. Sheridan is an author from Australia. In our journey through life we encounter God. He suggests seven ways that we have these encounters. They are pain, yearning, whispers, encounter, doubt, dream, and surrender. I thought the concept of pain an interesting place to start. Pastors often find themselves in the painful parts of people’s lives. Perhaps there was a death or an accident, or any other type of situation. Pain reminds us that we live in a world that was created differently and how we became so dependent on God. We as people then want to be in control of everything and we found out that did not work out too well. If you would like to read more of this book, give me a call or send me an email and I will get the book sent out to you. I had a busy week in Chicago at the Conference of Presidents. There were a lot of workshops on many things to learn, making new friends, seeing friends from before and cold, cold weather. We were there to receive information related to emphases, priorities, and projected programs. The emphasis at this time is the 25th Anniversary of the Women of the ELCA. They want you to celebrate by some type of activity and a celebration gift. If you have not had a chance to do this is not too late. Our priority is YOU, the Women of the ELCA. Your needs are always a priority for us, your officers and board members. Permit us to help you out. One of the great workshops we attended was titled, “Sacrifice the Sacred Cow”. Do you know that the one thing I have learned in life is that change happens? We may not always like the changes, but they do happen. We are planning on giving this workshop at the convention in November. There were many other things we did and I will continue to share with you in the coming Pacifica Partners. Look for Cluster Events happening this spring. You will not want to miss them. The flyers are copied in this newsletter for you. We need some help from you. This year, the convention is as it has been, the first weekend in November. Next year we are thinking about moving the meeting to the second weekend in November. So let us know what you think. And in 2015, we will need to think about going to Hawaii. I had a thought about flying there on Thursday and settling in. The convention could be on Friday and Saturday. And then on Sunday the option could be to go home or go sightseeing or enjoying the beaches. Talk among yourselves and share some thoughts with us. In peace, Paula Rennegarbe President of SWO-Pacifica Synod 

February, 2013

Dear Sisters, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I hope all of you are planning to attend the Spring Event on March 9 in Oceanside. The facilities at King of Kings are just what we need in order to start a “technology” program. Those of you who were at convention in November, 2012, the technology resolution stated that the meetings begin to take advantage of technology or for technology to be a part of our gatherings. King of Kings has a building for their contemporary worship and is equipped with all kinds of technology. I hope you will find it helpful. The theme for our Spring Event is “Unseen Footprints.” I would like to encourage each unit to bring a picture, a poem, a drawing, or whatever you develop on that theme to share with other units. We will display them around the room. UNIT ASSESMENTS - Please send us your contact information for two people from your congregation. Information needed is: name, address, email and phone number of the congregation and for two women as contacts. You may send that information to Nancy Worley, secretary or myself, Paula Rennegarbe, president. Our information is on another page in the newsletter. The board is getting excited about our convention in November. It is hoped that we will have some specific information to share with you at the Spring Event. Look and listen for it. Have you taken an Anniversary Offering yet for the 25th year of the Women of the ELCA being organized? Encourage women to contribute at least $25.00, one dollar for each year. This is one way that we can participate in the mission of the CWO (Churchwide Women’s Organization). We can pray for our partners in the eleven Lutheran church bodies in Africa whom we join in creating grassroots movement to contain Malaria and bring hope to those who suffer. Send anniversary gifts to: Women of the ELCA, P.O. Box 71256, Chicago, IL 60694 -1256. Write on the check or a piece of paper “25th Anniversary Appeal.” In peace, Paula Rennegarbe President of the Pacifica Women of the ELCA-SWO 

January, 2013

The officers and the board met on January 12th. We had a wonderful meeting full of ideas to share. Our Spring Event will be on Saturday, March 9th at King of Kings, Oceanside. Please mark your calendars so that you will not forget. It’s is going to be wonderful. Our theme for the day is “Unseen Footprints”. As all the details get set, we will pass them on to you...but not all of them because we want to save some surprises. But you will be glad to get together with new friends and old friends. So get a carload of women from your church and come to the Spring Event. That was on March 9th. In this newsletter is a form for you to fill out and return called Unit Assessment. Each group is referred to as a unit. We need to have two women from your unit be contact people for us. And even if you have done this before, you will need to do it again. We want to be sure that we have all the right information. You may return the form to me or to our secretary, Nancy Worley. That return information you will find on the form. It is important that we do this. These assessments determine how many delegates we are allowed to be a voice at the Triennial Convention. On our Board, each member is assigned as a mentor to a Cluster. So when you look at the list, make a note of who your mentor is. That person as well as any of the officers are there to assist you in many ways. For one thing, they are a good person to call when you are looking for resources. And if they don’t know something right away, they will find out and get back to you. They may contact you before you contact them. They are encouraged to come and visit with you. So, be thinking about this and when you would like them to come. Recently I attended a meeting at the Synod Learning Center in Santa Ana. It brought together people who were interested in learning and thinking about all the violence we have in our society today. This is not just a one time item to talk about and then we have “done” something. This is an ongoing topic that all of us need to be in discussion about. Talk about it at your unit meetings, council meetings, youth meetings, or wherever you have a chance to bring it up. The group will gather on January 18th in the hopes of coming up with definite plans to give the ELCA a voice within our communities. A good thing to subscribe to on the internet in “News from the Women of the ELCA”. You will find out what our group is all about doing and some ideas for your own group. We have a lot of things the Women are doing around the Synod. Check the calendar of activities in this and every issue of the Pacifica Partners. In Peace, Paula Rennegarbe President of the Pacifica Women of the ELCA-SWO 

Message from the President - 2012

September, 2012

Gather and Celebrate. Two wonderful words as we continue our journey this fall season. Women of the ELCA are starting a new Bible Study in our GATHER Magazine called, “Gathered by God.” I had the opportunity of gathering with the ladies within my own Faith Circle here at Bethlehem Lutheran, Los Alamitos, CA, this past Tuesday. What a great lesson and discussion we had as I begin to learn from these Biblical gatherings. I hope that some of you were able to join with me Saturday, September 15, 2012 in San Clemente to meet the author of this year's Bible Study, Audrey West, at “Bible Study in the OC.” Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Women of the ELCA during this year June 2012 – May 2013. Let us hear what you plan to do, send pictures of the celebration to our Pacifica Partners newsletter editor, Karen Ronchetti. Celebrate the 25th Anniversary appeal. Consider a special offering above and beyond your regular offerings. Celebrate 25 years of mobilizing women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ ... Creating a just world, supporting global sisters and bringing about health and wholeness. Every dollar goes to support Women of the ELCA (50%) and the ELCA Malaria Campaign (50%). Celebrate our 25th Pacifica Women of the ECLA Convention “Blessings Miracles Promises” November 2-4, 2012 in Ontario, CA. I invite you to gather with our community of Christian women who have supported one another for 25 years. I hope you will share your gifts and talents. Please see the registration information in this and previous issues. Remember the early bird discount is ending soon. Delegates, we need your registration ASAP. Special notice: 2012-2013 Stewardship Guide from Churchwide Women of the ELCA will be arriving by mail. Be sure to look for or ask within your unit (a mailing is sent to the church, President or contact person) for this wonderful guide which includes a special 25th anniversary Thankoffering Service. Third notice: Another way to get involved is the LWR Quilt Campaign
500,000 mission quilts by 2013
Tied in Faith. Sent in Hope. Wrapped in Love. Request a copy of the Quilt & Kit Ministry Guide by calling (800) 597-5972 or visit to download information on instructions, tips, packing and shipping. A reminder: I ask for your special prayers as each Congregational Unit will receive a special Praise Offering envelope that will either be returned by mail or sent with your delegate and collected during our Convention in November to support on-going ministries of the Women of the ELCA. This is a part of our (your) Stewardship focus. Save the date: November 2-4, 2012: Blessings Miracles Promises... Pacifica Women of the ELCA annual Convention, Ontario, CA Thank you for your continued support and prayers for your Pacifica SWO Board. Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

August, 2012

GET INVOLVED...WORDS OF WISDOM FOR THIS MONTH. I invite you to join our community of Christian women who have supported one another for 25 years. I hope you will share your gifts and talents as you connect with other women of faith. Yes, that would be at our 25th Pacifica Women of the ELCA Convention coming up this November 2-4, 2012, close-by at Ontario, CA. Look over all the information enclosed in this Pacifica Partners Newsletter and get ready to join with me as I (we) continue my (our) journey. Another way to get involved is the LWR Quilt Campaign . . . 500,000 mission quilts by 2013 Tied in Faith. Sent in Hope. Wrapped in Love. Request a copy of the Quilt & Kit Ministry Guide by calling (800) 597-5972 or visit campaign to download information on instructions, tips, packing and shipping. A reminder: I ask for your special prayers as each Congregational Unit will receive a special Praise Offering envelope that will either be returned by mail or sent with your delegate and collected during our Convention in November to support ongoing ministries of the Women of the ELCA. This is a part of our (your) Stewardship focus. Save the date: September 15, 2012: “Bible Study in OC” (Orange County) Location: Our Savior Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA Registration form can be found in the July PP or on line at November 2-4, 2012: Blessings Miracles Promises... Pacifica Women of the ELCA annual Convention, Ontario, CA Thank you for your continued support and prayers for your Pacifica SWO Board. Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

July, 2012

Let’s see how we can continue our “JOURNEY.” Every month I receive Newsletters from other Synodical Women’s Organizations around the United States and how I enjoy hearing about what they do as Bold Women. So I will quote something that spoke out to me and probably will to you also. “This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something you have left behind... let it be something good.” In the near future, I ask for your special prayers as each Congregational Unit will receive a special Praise Offering envelope that will either be returned by mail or sent with your delegate and collected during our Convention in November to support ongoing ministries of the Women of the ELCA. This is a part of our (your) Stewardship focus. Your Pacifica SWO Board met the last Saturday in June at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Banning, CA. What a productive day we had. We are ready for our November Convention, are you? Send in your registrations early so we can finalize those last little things. In this issue is everything you need to know, forms to complete and any questions can be answered by just a phone call to our Registrar, Karen Ronchetti at 714-654-8919. How many of you get the ELCA Lutheran Magazine? How delighted I was to see and read the July 2012 issue with the article on page 49, My view, by Jennifer Michael. Jennifer is President of Women of the ELCA and also will be with us at our Convention in November. Looking for program resources on Discipleship, Justice and Stewardship? Go to and see great free resources for programs this coming fall. Save the date: September 15, 2012 “Bible Study in OC” (Orange County) at Our Savior Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA November 2-4, 2012 “Blessings Miracles Promises...” Pacifica Women of the ELCA annual convention, Ontario, CA Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

June, 2012

My journey continues as I try to figure out what is expected of me in my retirement. Today I received my copy of Gather for July/August 2012. I read it from front to back and what amazing articles I have to think about especially the one on “Washing Feet.” Also in this mailing was Women of the ELCA Interchange for June 2012. So many good informational ideas and resources are available for us in order to take action on the Memorials and Resolutions from our 8th Triennial Convention last July in Spokane. Would you like to be one of many Women of the ELCA to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in Liberia? Tour is scheduled approximately December 8-15, 2012. If you are interested in making this JOURNEY and also being involved in the future of Women of the ELCA, call Valora Starr at 800-638-3522, ext. 2741 at the churchwide office in Chicago. LWR 2013 Quilt Campaign. We have been challenged to create 500,000 LWR Mission Quilts in one year. This represents only a 25% increase. Can we do this? Yes we can! Further details will be announced. I am looking forward to the new September 2012-May 2013 Bible Study, “Gathered by God” written by Audrey West. We will have the opportunity of studying and meeting her at the “Bible Study in the OC” at Our Savior Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA on Saturday, September 15, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Registration information is now available. See information in this mailing. Our November 2-4, 2012 Convention “Blessings Miracles Promises” is now ready for your registration. Please make sure that your Congregational Unit has all the pre-convention information and handouts. Your CPT has chosen the Inland Empire as the place and the site is the AYERS Hotel and Suites, Ontario, CA. Lots of room. I know that everyone will be happy. Please see enclosed information and forms. Don’t forget that Scholarships are available. Please keep our SWO Board and Convention planning team in your prayers the next coming months. There is so much to do in preparation for this event. I attended the Pacifica Synod Assembly May 17-19 at the Marriott Hotel, Irvine, CA. We had a very visible and wonderful display table with ongoing video presentation, informational hand-outs and goodies. Thank you to our Vice President, Karen Ronchetti for setting up and taking down the whole display and to our Pacifica Women who volunteered a shift or two. What a wonderful time we had meeting and greeting and telling our story. During this assembly I gave my report and presented to Bishop Murray Finck a check from Pacifica Women of the ELCA to be used to further the ministry for women and children thus the Malaria campaign. Second Request for your help: Beginning June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013 we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our organization. How are we going to celebrate this in Pacifica????? Any ideas? What have we done in Pacifica these past 25 years? Anyone want to chair a special committee? Of course we will be celebrating at our Convention in November as we already have a surprise in the works. Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

May, 2012

My journey once again ended this morning as I attended the conclusion of my Faith Circle’s Bible Study, Session 9 from Gather Magazine. We were told that we have had the opportunity to read nearly 700 verses of the Gospel of Mark. I listened, studied together, taking in the comments of others and thoroughly enjoyed learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Thank you to Rev. Patricia Lull, author of this Bible Study. I am looking forward to the new September 2012-May 2013 Bible Study, “Gathered by God” written by Audrey West. We will have the opportunity of studying and meeting her at the “Bible Study in the OC” at Our Savior Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA on Saturday, September 15, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Look for registration information forthcoming. Are you a: STRONG, BOLD Lutheran Woman? Have you ever considered serving on the Pacifica Synodical Women’s Organization Board? Or Serving as a Triennial Delegate (July 2014 Charlotte, NC)
...Think about it! Our November 2-4, 2012 Convention is now ready for you to respond too. Your CPT has chosen the Inland Empire as the place and the site is The Ayers Hotel and Suites, Ontario, CA. Lots of room. I think everyone will be happy. Please see enclosed information and more to come next month. Don’t forget that Scholarships are available. Please keep our SWO Board and Convention planning team in your prayers the next coming months. There is so much to do in preparation for this event. I hope to meet and greet some of our Pacifica Women of the ELCA ladies at the Pacifica Synod Assembly May 17-19 at the Marriott Hotel, Irvine, CA. We will have a display table with information, hand-outs and goodies. Please stop by and say hi. At this time, I will present our annual report and also present our gift to Pacifica Synod/Bishop Murray Finck. 25th Anniversary of the Women of the ELCA: Beginning June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013 we will be celebrating the 25thAnniversary of our organization. How are we going to celebrate this in Pacifica????? Any ideas? What have we done in Pacifica these past 25 years? Anyone want to chair a special committee? Of course we will be celebrating at our Convention in November as we already have a surprise in the works. Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

April, 2012

My journey for this Lenten season is about to end. I must say I really enjoyed this month’s Gather Bible Study, “A Wholly Different Week.” I hope you were able to participate with your Circle, with a friend or two or on your own. It is amazing that each time we read and study a familiar scripture, new insights surface. In addition this month I am continuing in our Adult Sunday School class “Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?” study by Yancey. 25th Anniversary of the Women of the ELCA: Beginning June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013 we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our organization. How are we going to celebrate this in Pacifica????? Any ideas? What have we done in Pacifica these past 25 years? Anyone want to chair a special committee? Of course we will be celebrating at our Convention in November as we already have a surprise in the works. I am pleased to announce that a site for our November 2-4, 2012 Convention has been selected. We are going to the Inland Empire to the Ayres Hotel & Suites Ontario Convention Center. What a joy it has been to find this site, work with the staff and of course it meets all our requirements and more. Please keep our SWO Board and Convention planning team in your prayers the next coming months. Look in our next newsletter for convention registration and the scholarship application. Nominees needed: At our November 2012 convention we will be electing many officers and board members. Helen Riggs has accepted the chairmanship of this committee and will be asking for your help on this very important women’s ministry of our Pacifica Synod. I encourage you to pray about this. Stewardship Concerns: We are in process of doing our budget for 2013-2014 for presentation at our November 2012 Convention. Please submit Form A with your offerings to our Treasurer, Inga Sanders. Her address is 16370 Jupiter Circle, Westminster, CA 92683. Something to think about... To help with the budget, can your unit send this offering on a regular monthly basis or quarterly? Active Unit Assessment: The past few months we have enclosed a Change of Officers Form in our newsletter that needs completion and returned in a timely matter. Why do you ask? Every three years the church- wide women’s organization conducts an active unit assessment to determine the number of active units in the organization. In turn, the number of active units is used to determine the number of delegates to which a synodical women’s organization is entitled for the upcoming triennial convention. Right now we have 66 Active Units listed but missing many, many updates, so I am asking your immediate assistance so that we, Pacifica Women of the ELCA can be compliant and have the correct allotted amount of delegates for our next Triennial. Please complete the enclosed form. Your unit is exempt from doing so only if you haven’t done one within last 4 months. We need this contact information. Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

March, 2012

My journey continues this Lenten season. In addition this month our Adult Sunday School class began a 6 week Video Bible Study called “Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?” This study by Yancey really makes you think. What’s your experience with Prayer? When do you usually pray? As I mentioned last month I was in Chicago for four full days attending the Women of the ELCA Conference of  Synodical Presidents’ meetings. Our theme was “The Good News Guide.” Sixty-Four (64) women plus the churchwide board and churchwide staff were in attendance. My roommate was Kandy Pflaster, President of the  Nebraska  Synodical Women of the ELCA. As she stated in “Expressions,” Nebraska’s Newsletter, “God is there for you, just let Him open all those doors of excitement.” For those who don’t know, Nebraska Women of the ELCA is our Partner Synod. Within this Partner Relationship we are lead to wonderful friendships, fellowship, conversations, maintain community and even pray for one another. We met together at times and then in groups for Hot Topic Workshops, Regional Caucus Times (we are Region 2C of 1-9 Regions), Money Matters (Stewardship), Religion Section (Worship), Book Review, Headliners (Plenary with guest speakers), Top Stories (25th Anniversary news), Daily  Word  Search (Bible Study), Milestones (Recognitions), Let”s Get Visible (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) and Entertainment (a funny female comedian and motivational speaker who knows how to entertain, inspire and make people laugh). WOW, we were busy. I asked for your prayers for our recent Pacifica”s March 3rd event at Bethlehem Lutheran, Los Alamitos, CA.  Your prayers really were answered. We had 85 registered. Everything went well and I thank everyone who planned and helped make this event a success. I am happy to report that we took a pick-up truck full of Love Gifts and $1000.00 gift including cash, checks and gift cards to Lutheran Social Services Community Care Center at St. Olaf Lutheran Church. Garden Grove, CA. I met with Bea Rea the LSS Program Director/Emergency Assistance and her husband who gave me a tour of the facility. She was so happy and sent us a wonderful Thank You for our Love Gifts. I hope you all will continue to JOURNAL. Within this [month's] newsletter please see important information and flyers on our upcoming Cluster events around our synod. Please plan to attend and bring a friend. Please keep our SWO Board and Convention planning team in your prayers the next coming months. We are excited to announce that Convention will be somewhere in the Inland Empire area, November 2-4, 2012. We are awaiting confirmation on our site! Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

January, 2012

Happy New Year from your Pacifica W-ELCA President: Let’s continue our journey as the month of January brings new beginnings. I think of a favorite hymn, “Will You Come and Follow Me.” Therefore I invite and encourage all Pacifica Women of the ELCA and friends to join with me at our March 3, 2012 Event, “Life’s Spiritual Journey.” This will be held at my church, Bethlehem Lutheran, Los Alamitos, CA. See additional information in this newsletter. Your Pacifica SWO Board is already busy at work. A planning Team has been meeting and asks that you pray for this event and start collecting the needed Love Gifts for Lutheran Social Services. Joining with us will be two wonderful women, first Ellen Waild, President and CEO LSS Community Care Centers and she is so excited to tell us more about Lutheran Social Services and the needs for our area program. Also with us will be Bea Rea, Emergency Assistant Program Director, located at St. Olaf’s Church in Garden Grove, who will be accepting our love gifts. Book Review: “Mighty Be Our Powers” by the 2011 Nobel Prize recipient, Leymah Gbowee (who I was fortunate to meet at our Triennial Gathering this past July in Spokane) will be discussed at the 2012 Conference of Synodical Presidents in Chicago, Illinois February 23-26. I am so looking forward to this discussion. Urgent reminders: Please remember to send in your regular or year-end offerings to our treasurer, Inga Sanders at   16370 Jupiter Circle   Westminster, CA 92683   (Form A) Also, have you remembered to send your Unit’s Thankoffering direct to Women of the ELCA churchwide in Chicago? (Form B) May each and everyone of you and your families have a Blessed Christmas. May your Advent and Christmas days be joyful. Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

Message from the President - 2011

November/December, 2011

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our November 2011 Convention a very meaningful week-end of Bible Study, workshops, fellowship with new and old friends and other opportunities that enabled us to live our theme, “God made each of us for a Purpose. Our evening bedtime devotions were awesome. Our Banner display and opening hymn “Will You Come And Follow Me” was so inspirational when sung by all the Women of Pacifica. Enclosed in this Pacifica Partners, is the Sunday morning Convention Newsletter. It tells you all that happened. I always look forward to reading it and hope you will too. Special thanks to our office manager, Toni Douthitt, the editor. A request was made to show offerings received. The Friday evening worship service ($494.00), Saturday Praise Offering ($1230.00 plus another $500.00 by mail and Sunday morning worship service ($683.00). A percentage of these offerings will go to ELCA Malaria Initiative, Lutheran Church in Ethiopia (Women’s Ministries), Women of the ELCA churchwide to help in ministries worldwide and to two church in Missouri devastated by tornados. We continue our Journey this Advent season as I am reminded that we are invited once again to “Keep awake” and be alert and keep watch for the true master of our house and for all the surprising ways God might seek us out. Your newly elected Board is already busy at work. A planning Team is meeting and ask that you “mark the date”, Saturday, March 3, 2012 in Los Alamitos CA for our March Event 2012 “Life’s Spiritual Journey” Isaiah 41:10. Love gifts will be collected for Lutheran Social Services and Leadership training will once again be back on the day’s agenda. Watch for more information in this and upcoming Pacifica Partners newsletter. Please remember to send in your regular or year-end offerings to our treasurer, Inga Sanders at   16370 Jupiter Circle   Westminster, CA 92683   (Form A) Also, have you remembered to send your Unit’s Thankoffering direct to Women of the ELCA churchwide in Chicago? (Form B) May each and everyone of you and your families have a Blessed Christmas. May your Advent and Christmas days be joyful. Happy New Year! Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

October, 2011

Let’s see how we can continue our “JOURNEY.” God’s Promise, Purpose, Prayer and Praise Join me at our Pacifica Women of the ELCA Annual Convention, November 4-6, 2011 at the Hampton Inn, San Diego, CA. Registration begins at 2:30 p.m. Workshops start at 3:30 p.m. Three offerings will be collected during the Convention, one at each of the two worship services (split with 50% to Women of the ELCA Churchwide Women’s Organization, 25% to Lutheran Malaria Initiative and 25% to Pacifica Women of the ELCA) and your Unit Praise Offering (split with 50% to Women of the ELCA Churchwide Women’s Organization, 25% to two Lutheran Churches destroyed by tornado and 25% to Pacifica Women of the ELCA) during the Saturday morning business meeting. Remember your Love Gifts for the Veterans Winter Shelter. See article in Pacifica Partners, October. Our planning team has the agenda in place and what a busy week-end is planned for you combined with friendship, fellowship, fun and Faith 2 Grow. Even hugs and kisses. Every unit will or should have received the 2011-2012 Stewardship Planning Guide and Thankoffering service with  the September issue of Interchange. Don’t just pass the guide on to your treasurer! It contains important things everyone should know! I get many phone calls and e-mails and this guide answers those questions (transmittal forms, offering envelopes, our Region Code is 2C) and covers the different types of offerings and how they are received and a report how your gifts were used in the previous fiscal year. Of interest: Three women chosen to share Nobel Peace Prize. Leymah Roberta Gbowee, a Lutheran Liberian peace activist and a member of the Lutheran Church in Liberia is one of the three women. Those of us that attended this past summer’s Women of the ELCA Triennial Gathering in Spokane, WA were privileged to meet her and were inspired by her as a featured speaker. Her story is chronicled in the documentary, “Pray the Devil Back to Hell.” Save this date for your 2012 event calendar: Pacifica Women of the ELCA March Event, Sat. March 3, 2012 Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Los Alamitos, CA
Thank you for your continued support and prayers for your Pacifica Board as we continue to work together in service and love.
Harvest Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

September, 2011

Let’s see how we can continue our “JOURNEY.” Let’s do a few&emdash;Have you done this yet??? Read your new GATHER Magazine for September 2011, it arrived this past week. Did you realize that this is the new name for our Lutheran Women magazine? By now, I believe most Units have done the September Bible Study. How did you like it? Lutheran women have a long history of gathering for Bible study, prayer, service and advocacy. Have you read your Women of the ELCA INTERCHANGE? Another great resource. Read The Lutheran Magazine, pages 34-36. Women of the ELCA respond. A wonderful article on what happened when we gathered in Spokane Washington, along with a convention business report. Next to come is observing the 25th anniversary of Women of the ELCA in 2012. Plans are being made to celebrate our past and the future as we live out the mission and purpose of Women of the ELCA. Most important: Have you sent in your registration for our own Pacifica Women of the ELCA Gathering November 4-6, 2011 in San Diego? Did you pick your room partner or 2 or three? Special note: We have extended the “early bird” registration to October 1, 2011. See enclosed for further information. We have great workshops with interesting topics planned. Of interest: We received a letter from Linda Post Bushkofsky, Executive Director of Women of the ELCA informing PACIFICA Synod and Pacifica Women of the ELCA (Region 2C) that a $2500.00 grant was awarded to Casa Cornelia Legal Services (CCLC) Domestic Violence (DV) Program, San Diego, CA. This project offers free legal representation and social services to battered immigrant women and children. It is their prayer that through this project supported this year that Women of the ELCA will continue to make a strong and positive difference in the lives of women and their families throughout this country and abroad.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers for your Pacifica Board as we continue to work together in service and love.
Blessings, Andrea Campbell 

July/August, 2011

Let’s see how we can continue our “JOURNEY.” WOW! and what a journey it was to our Women of the ELCA Triennial Convention and Gathering last month in Spokane, WA. You will see many pictures included in the newsletter. I and 4 other delegates plus 31 other Pacifica women joined together with approximately 1850 women living out our theme to “Renew, Respond, Rejoice!” Ask any one of us, you had to be there to experience it all. Excellent speakers, book signings, workshops, Camp Dianoigo Exhibit Hall with wonderful hands-on (Servant Opportunities), In-Kind Gifts presentation, Special Gathering Choir (350 ladies), music, film screenings - “A Walk to Beautiful” and “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” tours of Spokane, meet and greet Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson and the final Rally and Rejoice with closing Worship/Communion. What a great experience where women of all ages gathered in community, a place where fellowship, friendship, study and service are nurtured. Next to come is observing the 25th anniversary of Women of the ELCA in 2012. Plans are being made to celebrate our past and our future as we live out the mission and purpose of Women of the ELCA. Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to take to the Convention and Gathering a special Triennial offering of $3000.00 from Pacifica Women of the ELCA. Having one of our very own Pacifica Board members, Dona Jenkins of Eden Lutheran Church, Riverside, California elected to the Women of the ELCA Churchwide Executive Board at the Convention was so exciting. We wish Dona our blessings as I know she has much to share. We shall miss her on our Pacifica Women of the ELCA Board. Within this newsletter is my Special Invitation to attend our Pacifica Women of the ELCA Convention this year in San Diego, CA, November 4-6, 2011 as written by our newly elected Women of the ELCA President, Jenny Michael. Her words are so inspirational for me that I had to share them with you. I hope to see you at the “Bible Study in Orange County” on Saturday, September 17th as we meet our “Gather” Magazine 2011-2012 Bible Study author, Rev. Patricia Lull. This study is on the Gospel of Mark. I can’t wait to hear the amazing stories. See the reservation form in the newsletter. Note: “Gather” is the new name for our former “Lutheran Woman Today” magazine. After much research, surveys and brainstorming it resulted in the new name. Share this magazine with others—new ladies at church, other members who didn’t know about our magazine and friends of all ages. What do you think of the new name? Let Kate Elliott, Editor know at 1 year (10 issues) is $12.00. Call (800) 328-4648 to subscribe. Save the date: November 4-6, 2011 Pacifica Women of the ELCA annual convention, San Diego, CA. Your SWO Board has put much thought into preparing for this event. I know you will be pleased. We need your prayers as we continue to work together in service and love. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for your Pacifica Board. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.
Andrea Campbell 

June, 2011

Let’s see how we can continue our “JOURNEY”. I was able to “COME TO THE TABLE” and attend the 2011 Pacifica Synod Assembly on a recent Friday afternoon and give a report and present to Bishop Murray Finck a $1000.00 gift from Pacifica Women of the ELCA. This gift will be used to benefit ministries that help women and children. I would like to thank our Vice-President, Karen Ronchetti for having an excellent display table with a information filled video and many handouts for the women who stopped by. I was able to meet and talk with our ladies of Pacifica.
Happy to announce that we have 30 Pacifica women going on the journey with me to our Eighth Triennial Convention/Gathering taking place July 12-17, 2011 in Spokane, WA. More exciting news is that those of you who couldn’t join us physically in Spokane, you will be able to join the triennial convention and gathering online at and watch all the exciting on goings. This is a call to Women of the ELCA to get ready in bold new ways.
Also, our very own Pacifica Woman, Dona Jenkins of Eden Lutheran Church, Riverside, CA is a nominee for Executive Board from Region 2C (Pacifica). We wish her our Blessings and support.
Looking ahead: Summer Bible Study in Lutheran Woman Today (June and July/August issues). Save the date: Nov. 4-6, 2011 Pacifica Women of the ELCA annual convention, San Diego, CA. Your SWO Board recently met in San Diego at the hotel site for the day. Much thought has gone into preparing for this event. I know you will be pleased. We need your prayers as we continue to work together in service and love.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers for your Pacifica Board. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.
Andrea Campbell